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How To Fix Phone Rings Twice Then Go To Voicemail?

There are times when people have to wait days for their “letters” to be answered, but trends have changed now.

Technology has improved significantly, and people can dial numbers to talk to their loved ones. Multiple telecommunication services are available in the same vein.

Would you please make sure the customers choose a reputable service because they want continuous voice data services?

Similarly, people are using voicemail services because they are unaware.

With voicemail, the caller can leave a message if the recipient is unavailable. On the other hand, people are struggling with specific issues.

Fix Phone Rings Twice Then Go To Voicemail

A twice ringing of a phone will be sent directly to voicemail while using the Verizon service. It can be pretty frustrating, but we have a solution.

In the article, we have added some troubleshooting tips to help you fix the direct voicemail issue.

Mobile updates

Whenever there is a call, data issue, or text, the network provider is the first to take responsibility. Before you know it, people start calling customer care support and annoy them with your problem.

However, in most cases, you will solve the problem. Mobile updates are most likely to fix the problem.

For example, in the iSO seven updates, incoming calls are forwarded to voicemail. It is because the option is off by default.

Therefore, if you are an IOS user and face this issue, it is most likely due to your smartphone software. If you encounter this issue, you will need to check for updates again. The latest update fixes the problem.

Caller function of strange silence

People who like to stay private and can’t handle unknown calls. They are more likely to turn on the silence feature for unknown callers.

All modern smartphones have this feature, which you can easily forget after turning it on.

  • Therefore, if this feature is turned off, calls will be forward directly to voicemail.
  • So, you can disable this option.
  • If you can’t disable it, save your significant phone numbers in your contact list, so you don’t miss a call.

Silent Mode

So you have a fully functional phone, and there is no problem with the Verizon service. So why dies the phone go into voicemail?

Therefore, you may not hear the ringer when you have silent mode turned on.

It will send the call to voicemail. In this case, you need to turn off silent mode. Plus, if you don’t need the sound, you can vibrate your smartphone.

DND mode

you are using a Verizon service on your smartphone. And you are facing this voicemail issue; you need to be careful about your phone settings.

Also, if silent mode is turned on, you will not be able to receive calls. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off DND mode. It is expecting to fix this issue.

Problems with the network provider

If your phone suffers from restricted access from your network provider or your network server is down. It may result in direct voice mail or a twice ring.

However, try restarting your phone instead of calling your network provider right away. It fixes the signal reception. Additionally, you can switch between airplane modes.

Call the network provider

The voicemail problem may arise from the phone setting. But it would help if you understood that the phone is not responsible for handling voicemail.

Network providers always take voicemail. Since you are using Verizon services, you should call the call center service and ask for a potential problem.

In addition, they can inform you of the root cause of the problem and send you resolved instructions.

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Replace the SIM card of your Android phone

Sometimes a faulty SIM card can cause bizarre problems. And if you can remove and replace the SIM card too often, it is likely to be the culprit.

You can try to remove, reset and add a SIM card to fix the problem. But to be 100 percent sure, your calls go straight to voicemail.

You need to contact your cellular provider and replace the card with the new version. You can ask for a new SIM card without changing your phone number or making any changes to your service.

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Check your coverage and talk to the cellular provider

If none of those simple fixes solve your problem. The problem may not be with your Android handset but with your cellular service.

Try to look at a coverage map from your provider to see if you have a reliable service, or check your service with another phone.

If your coverage is too weak, incoming calls may go directly to voicemail. You can try calling your cellular provider’s customer service for additional troubleshooting support.

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