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How to Fix the Android Process Acore has Stopped?

The “android.process.core has suddenly interrupted” problem, while uncommon, is as frequent and harmful as it could probably be.

This problem makes it virtually impossible for such a user to use a damaged app easily; that’s why as long as an Android device contractor, such a problem must be resolved.

How to fix the android process acore has stopped?

android process acore

Although there are hundreds of strategies circulating the internet for such problems, many of them though quickly resolve the issue and don’t work or anything, the following are strategies which have proven effective in removing the “android.process.acore randomly interrupted” fault:

Clear Contacts’ Data

That’s one of the easiest methods because all users have to do is:

  • Go over to their phone’s software and press “Contacts Synchronization Converter.”

Clear Contacts’ Data

  • Click mostly on choice for “Clean Data.” Android.process.acore should go away after doing.

And if you’re not effective, the following solution must be tried.

Clear the Cache

Users need to delete the application buffer. For example, if you’re using the Contact Application, the Contact List, they only remove the cache, as well as the bug, should remove it.

The first thing you went to the Mobile system settings:

  • Go over to “Application Manager,”.

Application Manager

  • Press “Contact details App.”
  • You can see a choice for “Clean Data” or “Clear Cache.”

Clear Cache

Clear the Facebook Messenger’s Data

As the Messenger details are connected to the friends on your computer, information also coming for FB Messenger may very well be the issue’s source.

Because if the latter adjustments don’t operate, it will certainly help remove the information through Facebook Messenger.

What you want and need to have to go to your Android Control Panel.

  • Go to Application Manager’ and press the ‘Messenger App’ button.

Messenger App

  • By pressing on the ‘Clean Data’ or ‘Clear Cache’ selection, repeat the same process to restore the PC.

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Reset the App Preferences

You will need to contact Customer Service if this does not resolve the problem.

  • Clicking upon these system settings and switching to “Application Manager,” and tapping on “Restore App Settings” are among the options they recommend.

Restore App Settings

  • You have to reset your computer after you’ve done it to impact the adjustments.

Clear Google Play’s Cache

Often failures in Google Play contribute to creating an issue in the android.process.acore.

  • Initially, go to Android phone settings and choose “Application Manager,” press “Google Play” and “Clean Information” or “Clear Cache” for about the same method we mentioned earlier.

Google Play

  • Remember to reboot the system.

Factory Reset the Android Device

Android Device

When none of the solutions described works, you will have to restore the Android phone in the shop.

Usually, this cleans out the whole of your phone’s data and applications, and you will have to continue again.

Thus it is suggested that you restore all of the documents and programs that you consider essential before rebooting your Android phone from the shop.


As you’ve seen, this is not difficult to correct the issue with the android.process.acore. Everything that you’re doing is to implement the updates mentioned.

Before you can get to either the power systems, try those easier changes. The System Restore solution will be used as a final option to prevent deleting out specific information.

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