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How To Fix Xbox One Game Installation Stuck?

Who doesn’t want uninterrupted gaming on Xbox One? Nobody would like it if suddenly, out of nowhere, their device gets stuck at game installation.

Imagine bringing a game, excitedly putting it in Xbox One, and then waiting for a long time for it to be installed.

How To Fix Xbox One Game Installation Stuck?

Clear Local Saved Games

This is not an ideal picture, and you need a solution to change it.

Clear Local Saved Games

Xbox One Game Installation Stuck

  • If such a problem happens, then the first thing you need to do is follow the steps below:
  • Remove the disc from Xbox One, and press the Xbox One on the open guide
  • From the menu, select system, settings, system, and storage


  • Select the option of Clear local Saved Games

You need to know that when you select this option, it won’t delete any games or the progress that you have made in the games. It will only clear the data, which is saved locally. Once you click on confirm, and the console restarts, install the game again and hopefully it will work this time.

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Take the Console Offline

If the problem of the Xbox One game installation stuck persists, then you need to take the console offline, and then install the game. This will work if you have just bought a disc. Just follow the steps below to try out this solution:

  • Press the Xbox One button, and open the guide
  • In the menu, choose a system, setting, general, network settings, and then Go Offline

Go Offline

  • The next step is to cancel the download, by opening the guide again
  • Select the option of My Games & Apps, and then Queue

My Games

  • Highlight the game that you want to install, and then press the menu button, which you can access from the controller
  • Select the cancel option
  • The last step is to eject the game from the console and hold the Xbox button again, to open the power center this time
  • Restart console and then select the restart option again


The issue that most users face when they are applying this solution, is the console frozen issue. You need to hold the Xbox button for at least 10 seconds and make sure to release it when the console is successfully turned off. You can easily restart the console, by touching the Xbox button.

The last step here is to insert the disc again, but do it before you connect to the internet. Press the Xbox button again, open the guide, and go to Network Settings. From there, just choose the go online option, and the Xbox One won’t be stuck on installation again.

At times, the game that you are installing might be slow, so don’t hurry to confuse it with game installation stuck. The installation process could be slow, most likely because the internet speed is slow.

Thus, check if the internet speed is sufficient for the game to install, and then take action accordingly. Moreover, you can also try to download a game, using a flash drive on someone else’s Xbox One, if this problem happens a lot on your Xbox.


Digital games usually cause such problems, especially Microsoft Xbox Live services. You can visit Xbox Support if the issue persists because their guide would be able to answer the questions necessary.

Xbox One is a fun device to have at home, especially during a pandemic. You can play games on it and even watch your favorite movies. It is a great way to spend time, especially when your area is under lockdown and you have nothing good to do at home.

Xbox One game might get stuck during the installation process, but there is nothing that can’t be fixed, with just the two solutions discussed above.

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