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How to Fix Xfinity Remote Volume Not Working

If you have just purchased your Xfinity set-top box, along with an Xfinity remote and Xfinity remote volume not working then this guide will be helpful for you. The remote volume of the Xfinity often creates a problem and doesn’t let you turn up and down the volume.

In this post, we will be giving you some simple solutions to make your Xfinity volume button work.

Fix Xfinity Remote Volume Not Working

Check Your Batteries

It is best to check the expiry date of your batteries as this might be the problem with your remote control. If that is not the issue, then your batteries might have run out of power. Get a new pair of batteries and your issue might be solved.

If your remote comes with an LED light, then it will indicate to you the battery condition. If your battery is flashing red, then that means that the battery has run out of power.

You must replace your remote control batteries if you see a red flashing signal. Also, check that there aren’t any loose connections between the inserted batteries and the remote.

If your remote volume button doesn’t work after fixing the batteries, then you should look for something else to fix the issue.

Unpair and Pair Up Your Remote Again

Unpairing your Xfinity remote might help you to fix the issue. You can follow the simple steps below to unpair and pair up your remote again.

  • Hold down the Setup button and keep it like that until the light turns green.
  • Enter 9-8-1 and wait till the green light flickers twice.
  • When this happens then this means that the remote has been unpaired.
  • If your remote doesn’t come with a setup button.
  • Then you will have to find buttons on the remote control on your own. They are often indicated in the form of shapes. These are the possible shape indicators on the remote control: Triangle (A), Square (B), Circle (C), and Diamond (D).
  • Hold down the A and D buttons until you see the light turn green.

Pair your Xfinity remote with the Xfinity box TV again

  • Hold on to the ‘A’ on the remote.
  • Choose Remote Setup.
  • Select Yes.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • You can unlink your account as well if you are having trouble pairing.

Check for Signal Obstructions

Your Wi-Fi signal doesn’t function properly if there is obstruction due to the objects. This can block the signal and create a problem. Xfinity remote does not work if there are obstructions between the device and the remote.

Make Sure that the pathway is clear and that all the signals reach the destination without any unnecessary hindrances.


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