How to Fix Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version on Play Store?

Sometimes when you are trying to download an app from Google Store, it gives you an error message, “Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version”.

At times this could be just an error, and other times, the device that you are using is out of date, or the developer of the app has not made it compatible with the device you are using.

Thus, the issue might lie with Google’s Android operating system.  There are several ways to fix this issue when it arises.

Fixing ‘Device Isn’t Compatible with this Version on Play Store

Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version

When you see this error message, don’t jump to the conclusion that there is something technically wrong with your Android device.

This could very well be because of the geographical restrictions that some developers put on Google Play Store Apps. However, this would be a really big issue for those users, who use Google Play Store to download useful apps, as it is a reliable source for doing so.

Android Version

Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version

The first thing that you need to do is check whether the Android version you are using, is up to date or not. If you are still operating on an old Android version, then some new apps won’t be compatible with it.

Thus, the user will receive such an error.

  • Go to your Phone Settings, where you can see if there is an update available for your smartphone’s software.

Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version

While the software could be updated, if the compatibility issue is with the hardware of the phone, then that issue can’t be solved.

There are developers which optimize certain apps for popular chipsets, and if the hardware of your smartphone doesn’t have those chipsets and is made of different parts, then that would be a problem.

Compatibility with Few Devices

You might have noticed how new devices arrive on the market now and then. Developers can’t focus on or take into account every new device.

This is why, when they are developing apps, they focus on certain devices that are more popular than others, so that more users get to install their app.

  • On a side note, this is one of the problems that users face.
  • Every company doesn’t provide any updates to their current products, and instead, focuses on creating new ones.

However, they forget that most people can’t get new devices frequently, and there are only a few people who change their phones after a few months.

List of Devices

While the Google Play Store on your smartphone might not give you sufficient information, if you go to the app store from your PC, then you can find out more information.

Every app has a list of compatible devices, and a user can easily find out if their device is on the list.

Clear Cache

This is one of the most commonly used solutions for this error. Follow the steps below to execute this solution:

  • Stop running the Google Play Store application

Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Applications Manager

Your Device Isn’t Compatible With This Version

  • Find Google Play Services
  • Clear cache

It is most likely that the problem is solved now, and the app you want to download will be compatible with the phone.

Uninstall Updates

This solution covers two things; Google Play Services and Google Play Store:

  • Go to Settings on the device you are using, and select Application Manager

Uninstall Updates

  • Look for Google Play Services and then tap on uninstall updates; click OK
  • If the problem doesn’t get solved, then do the same for Google Play Store

The error message of the app not being available in the region, as opposed to not being compatible are two different things. While the above methods can be used for compatibility, the user can solve the latter problem by installing a VPN on their phone and changing their location. Most of the time, this solution is sufficient to solve the problem.


The reason why these solutions are absolutely necessary is that if an app is not compatible with your phone, then that means you are missing out on some important things.

The best way to make sure you can enjoy everything is by implementing these solutions.

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