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How To Fix YouTube That Won’t Let Me Sign In?

Suppose YouTube tells you that something is wrong and you can’t log into your account, don’t panic or worry about it.

Login problems are widespread than you might think, but they are also easy to fix.

So, let’s explore how you can solve this problem quickly on computers and Android.

Fix YouTube That Won’t Let Me Sign In

Make sure YouTube isn’t down.

  • Go to Down Detector and see if other users are complaining about similar issues.
  • If this is a known issue, please be patient.

Make sure the username or password is correct for typos. Enter your full email address and make sure your keyboard is in the right language.

Enable YouTube Cookies

Launch your browser and enable YouTube Cookies in your privacy settings.

If you are using Chrome or Chromium-based browser, follow these steps :

  • Go to  Settings, click Privacy and security, then scroll down to Site Settings.
  • Then after this, scroll down to Content and select Cookies and Site Data.
  • Go to the site where cookies are always available and add HTTP://[*to the list of sites where cookies are functional.] Add www youtube.com.
  • Now refresh your tab and then check the results.

Use Incognito Mode

  • Click More Options and select New Secret Window.
  • Check if you can sign in to your YouTube account.
  • If you have access, it indicates that something is blocking the login process.
  • It could be a cookie or an extension. Proceed to the next solution to resolve the issue.

Clear cache to disable extensions

  • Click more Options, click History twice, and select precise Browsing history data. Then clear the cache and cookies for the last four weeks to see the results.
  • If you still can’t log in to YouTube, under Time Range, select All Time to permanently delete all cache files and cookies store in your browser.
  • If the log-in issue persists, click more options again. Then select tools, go to Extensions, and manually disable all browser extensions.
  • Try restarting your computer, restarting Chrome, and logging in to YouTube again.

Update your browser

Suppose your device is running an older version of your browser; it may explain why you can’t log in to YouTube.

  • Click More options, go to Help, select About Google Chrome, and check for updates.
  • Install the latest browser version on your device and relaunch Chrome to see the results.

If you can’t log in to your YouTube account, switch to another browser. Would you please close all other tabs except YouTube and try logging in again?

Maybe your account githacked

By the way, if nothing is working, your YouTube account may have been hacked.

  • Would you please visit your Google account to see if you can change your password?
  • If you are locked out, please try to recover your account using the Account Recovery page.

How to fix the Youtube login issue on Android?

  • Reboot the device. Then enable airplane mode, wait a few seconds, disable airplane mode, then go online and try again.
  • Update the YouTube app.
  • Start the Google Play application and click “YouTube”.
  • You can download the new app version. Click the button to install.
  • Clear the app cache.
  • Go to settings, select apps, go to all apps, and tap YouTube. Then select Storage and click the Clear Cache button.
  • Reinstall the application.
  • Uninstall YouTube and restart your android device. Then reinstall the application and try logging in again.


If you can’t log in to your YouTube account, check to see if your browser is the cause of this issue.

Clear the cache, disable extensions, check for updates and restart your browser. If you are using the correct login information and you are locked out, try recovering your account.

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