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How To Get Game Pigeon On Android

In recent times Pigeon game is a popular application.

But it is only designed for iPhone users so if you want to run this game on your android phone check out the given methods to enjoy this app on your android device.

Pigeon Games is one of the most valuable features of the application that makes it different from the competition.

This application allows you to interact with your friends. It’s so satisfying to interact with your friends when you beat them in any of the game levels.

Get Game Pigeon On Android

Like all other great things, it’s too hard to get on the Android OS. The app is designed for iPhone users only and is available on macOS or iOS.

And getting such products on Android is very difficult and it seems to be like climbing a mountain.

I had to research this a lot before I was able to find a solution for other Android users just like me.

I will go ahead and provide the steps and walk you through the tedious and long process of getting it on your Android device.

And once you log in to this application and play it, you will know that your hard work was worth it.

Is game pigeon available on Android?

First of all, let me go ahead and give you a little bit of information about this application itself, just to know that what you are getting yourself into.

This application was started by a company called “VitaliiZlotskii” on September 13, 2016.

  • This application is only available for iSO.
  • And when a new update for iSO was introduced.
  • Then the application was able to interact with the messaging app.

And this has led to a huge increase in the popularity of the application.

This is a unique application that doesn’t allow you to download many games. This application contains a lot of games, and they keep the application on adding more games.

It would be great to have an Android application and the Android user s base is still bigger than Apple’s, so the application will get a lot of benefits. We all wish that the OS of Android was compatible.

Is it possible to get the pigeon game application to run on Android?

Yes, there is an effective working solution for your Android. But it is quite complicated. Moreover, your Android device is in danger of being completely corrupted.

And the only way to do that again is by restoring the device to the factory settings, which will of course eliminates all your data from the Android.

So make sure you have a proper backup of your data when you go ahead to work out and get the application to run on your android device.

This is a big risk, I would recommend trying some alternative apps available for your android device instead of trying to train.

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Name of the Alternative apps

Steps to get the pigeon app on Android

  1. First of all, you must download an application called the “ We message” app.
  2. Now, install the Java 9 kit.
  3. Once you install the Java 9 kit, you will need to download the macOS from there.
  4. You must have to authorize MacOS to run on your device.
  5. Now you have to allow the channel to run. You must have to authorize them through macOS settings.
  6. Once its finished, then proceed with the terminal command.
  7. Once it starts, then you will be asked to sign in with your Apple credentials. Now you have to use the ID that you used on your macOS.
  8. Make sure that you remember the password as soon as you set it.
  9. Now your device should be successfully connected to MacOS.
  10. And login to the server to connect to macOS.You will need to log in again using the password and ID you used above.
  11. Now you go ahead and ask anybody who owns an iOS device to send you a text message requesting a pigeon game.

If all the steps that are mentioned above are done correctly, you should see the message with the pigeon request which will help you to download this application on your device.


You can go ahead and try it out, and if you had done well then you will be able to enjoy the wild pigeon game on your Android device.

However, if you cannot do it or if you see the roll is too big or not worth the risk that you taking for it.

I suggest, you try one of the options that I mentioned above and it will an easier task for you, and then you will be able to connect with more people.

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