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4 Good Brand Examples on Instagram (Doing It Right!)

Instagram has grown from a picture-sharing platform to a strong social and commerce platform, with multiple new capabilities to interest individuals and marketers alike.

Despite the fact that Instagram is no more a newcomer on the market it reached one billion members in September of 2018, and the site showed considerable expansion.

Last year, Instagram members engaged for an estimated 30 minutes per day on the network, up 13.8 percent over the previous year.

Instagram has the fourth-highest number of users of any smartphone application, with 500 million people using Instagram Stories every day and 130 million consumers tapping on retail posts every month.

In order to stand out, firms will need to constantly review and change their Instagram strategies. But, what would it take to be one of the popular Instagram brand names? Continue reading to see 4 of the top business Instagram accounts:

4 Good Brand Examples on Instagram


Good Brand Examples on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Vans is recognized for its fashionable footwear, and the company’s Instagram feed is no surprise.

The creator of the legendary checkered slip-on sneakers has a bright Instagram account that includes both product photographs and motion pictures of individuals asserting themselves in their Vans apparel.

Looking at Vans’ Instagram account, it’s evident that the brand’s reputation is no longer primarily based on skateboarding. While there will still be skateboarders in the leisure photos, there will also be surfers, bikers, and other bright, trendy youth.

As a result, as your brand’s personality and objectives develop, so should your media.

Vans has a commercial that promotes a line of shoes named ComfyCush, although the film itself is a little strange. And for a company that is so reliant on style, the perfect amount of strangeness may help Vans generate a lot of attention.

Lorna Jane

Good Brand Examples on Instagram

Source: Instagram

How might you characterize the individuality of your brand if it had been a person? Lorna Jane, an Australian sportswear brand, has done a fantastic job with its Instagram posts in addressing this essential branding challenge.

You can instantly identify the intended Lorna Jane customer by skimming through these pictures of a young, athletic twenty- or thirty-something lady who prioritizes appearing well while keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Lorna Jane’s photos, which frequently feature the brand’s clothes and items as well as pictures of women who exemplify its intended customer persona, are bright, lively, and inspiring, perfectly capturing the soul of the brand.


Good Brand Examples on Instagram

Source: Instagram

When you visit Swedish digital art print business Desenio’s Instagram profile, the very first factor you will observe is color blocking.

Each picture complements the one next to it, resulting in a unified, aesthetically engaging page that you will never wish to quit.

Even when employing user-generated content, the company makes sure that it is consistent with its image. Continuity in your creative materials is critical for maintaining name recognition i.e. when visitors see your picture somewhere, they recognize it as you.

Desenio does, nevertheless, break from its regular aesthetic from time to time, which adds to the suspense.

An image the brand posted was only a basic holiday card from Desenio, but it was so strikingly distinct from the company’s regular interior design that viewers had no choice but to continue through to see further.

Many of the responses were compliments on how great and vivid the post is. One user was moved enough to recount the winters in their hometown in the comment section.


Good Brand Examples on Instagram

Source: Instagram

Chipotle has taken a different approach to attracting customers, opting for humorous memes rather than food photographs.

While there are a few culinary posts here and there, the brand’s Instagram approach is centered on displaying its personality.

Here’s why it’s effective: Memes are easy to share and tag, which enables Chipotle to attract new customers by allowing customers to tag their friends in amusing, relevant messages.

All of the brands presented shared a clear brand identity that was mirrored in their aesthetics, as well as a thorough grasp of what connected with their target demographic.

How to Do It Right for Your Brand on Instagram?


Determine Your Theme

After you’ve set your objectives, you’ll need to decide on an Instagram focus or theme.

Individuals and enterprises, in our opinion, make the error of not having a theme. They only post quotations. You won’t be able to stand out in that situation, thus it’s a prescription for catastrophe.

Choose a topic that is appropriate for your brand. At first, I was purely concerned with style. I presented the outfits I wore on a regular basis. I’ve gradually begun to share images of meals as well.

Stick to a theme that is appropriate for your company. Don’t attempt to be everything right away. Your audience should be aware of who you are and what you accomplish.

Content From Profiles Can Be Repurposed

You can utilize this strategy if you don’t wish to adopt the branded hashtag choice.

Look for posts that fit your approach and highlight them on your account. This is a guaranteed approach to boost engagement while also connecting with individuals.

Reach out to these users and ask for their consent to share the photo on your profile to assure the photo’s authenticity.

Request that they send you a high-resolution snapshot through email. It’s a fantastic way to connect with others.

Post on a Daily Basis

Post on a Daily Basis on Instagram

It is essential to publish on any social networking site on a daily basis. Because third-party applications cannot post instantly on Instagram, it takes a little longer.

This is where hiring an Instagram expert can help. Illman recommends publishing at least three days a week, but if you’re serious about becoming an Instagram influencer, daily posting is required.

You can take this game a notch up, by watching Instagram live from a Computer.

Instagram is all around the visuals, as you’ve already heard a million times. As a result, developing your unique aesthetic brand is critical.

Even if they post frequently, some firms may simply employ low-quality graphics. You’ll undoubtedly notice that their postings have a low level of interaction and reach.

You must have powerful and regular images to truly realize your brand’s value on Instagram. First, consider the type of material you want to offer to your Instagram followers.

If you’re a B2B company that provides services, for example, you might post stuff like customer feedback, your office lifestyle, company accomplishments, and personnel accomplishments.

After you’ve decided on the material, you’ll need to consider the theme, that should be maintained across and accurately represent your company identity.

It could be a mix of solid colors, designs, the image’s size, a specific style, or distinct fonts. It’s also important to remember that your graphics, whether they’re images or videos, should be of good quality.

Collaborate With Others

It’s crucial to invest time in responding to posts on the network and on postings from potential clients. Illman, for example, allocates a set number of hours each week to Instagram, with community participation as one of the objectives.

If you’re new to Instagram, entering an Instagram pod can assist you to grow your following more quickly than tackling it alone.

Consider collaborating if that’s something you’re good at. If you have a natural ability to connect with people, collaborating with the proper Instagram influencers can help you establish brand authority.

You’ll have to work with influencers who are familiar with your intended audience and brand image, as well as true proponents for your product. Create fun reels, and see your brand grow.

Plan Ahead for Content

Plan Ahead for Content on Instagram

What material you post on your brand page for your followers is the most important component of your Instagram profile.

It’s important to note that the word “audience” instead of “followers” is used since the content is available to anybody, irrespective of whether or not they are a follower of your account.

The content might be either visual or textual. You should, nevertheless, include the type of information that will increase interaction.

During your competition analysis, you may have discovered a particular style of content that their fans enjoy engaging with. Examine it attentively, try to adjust to it, or apply your own innovation and individuality to it.

You should seek tendencies that interest users and are closely aligned with your brand’s image, in addition to examining your rivals. Most essential, you’ll need to find hashtags to incorporate into your marketing approach.

Create a content schedule and prepare ahead to make the procedure simpler for you. To assist you with this, look into the greatest social media tools.

Understand that if you don’t plan ahead of time and don’t have a clear visual identity, your audience will be confused. And there’s a good possibility they won’t be present for a much longer time.

With these, you can definitely try to go viral with Instagram followers and become a brand that does exactly right on Instagram.


When you catch the idea of it, Instagram marketing will become the second platform for your brand. Your brand will receive a lot of awareness if you implement all of the methods outlined in this post.

Advertising your brand on Instagram will turn enjoyable and easy once you’ve established a presence with your target demographic.

It’s worth noting, though, that these processes aren’t fixed in stone. Without a doubt, Instagram will introduce additional elements in the coming years that will aid in the growth of your brand, so remain on top of innovations and fads.


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