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Willing To Have The Best GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

These real-time GPS tracking devices for cars and keeps track of drivers. Overall, it’s a great choice if you want to keep your car (and its driver) safe.

The best way to know about a person’s location is to put a tracker on their vehicle.

However, that is not the only reason why someone would use a GPS tracker for their vehicle.

Best GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

It is not safe to park a car, even in our garage nowadays.

If a tracker is installed in clear sight in a car, then those who want to steal it can do so easily.

The best way to protect a car and get someone’s location, is by installing a GPS in the vehicle, secretly.


GPS tracking devices for cars

Teens are careless when they drive because they don’t understand the consequences of their actions. Image source: here

This GPS device monitors the driving activity of a teenager, to see their location, along with driving behavior. The GPS device is developed with the assistance of law enforcement, and provides parents with a peace of mind, that they truly need.

Multiple GPS features come with the GPS device.

The first one is the daily driver’s report card. The daily driver’s report card includes a score of the teen’s driving, as in how they drove.

When parents check the GPS device, they can even get the route reply for each day. The device also lets parents monitor their child’s location in real-time.

An interesting feature of the GPS device is the geofence capability. Parents can mark locations of the school, workplace, gym, or even best friend’s house on the map, to identify the exit and enter locations.

Parents can even set up curfew hours using the GPS device. This way, if their child drives after the set curfew hours, they will receive an alert.

The device is easy to install, and the alerts come in real-time.

  • This GPS device can help coach teens, on how they should drive.

  • It monitors the unsafe behavior of those teens, who don’t drive carefully.

  • Helps track down the car, in case of theft.

  • Users receive real-time alerts about the location of the car.

  • The installation process is easy.

  • This GPS can drain a car’s battery.

  • The user has to map out the streets and input the speed in the GPS.

  • It is difficult to create a geofence.

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Spy Tec

GPS tracking devices for cars

Users can easily fit this tracking device on a car’s belt, or the OBD system.

The GPS works through the internet and provides the necessary information to the user. For example, it will tell the user the whereabout of the vehicle.

It is a lightweight device and comes with a geofencing function.

The device is easy to use and operate for users. Even if you don’t know how to install such devices, the installation of Spy Tec is not very hard.

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  • This GPS device has a long battery life, which means that you don’t have to continuously worry about changing it.

  • The GPS device provides detailed information, like the speed of the car.

  • It can store data of the locations, where the car traveled to for a year. The data can be backed to cloud services.

  • The user of the GPS device has to buy a subscription and pay for it every month.

  • If the user wants to connect the GPS device outside the car, this won’t be possible.

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GPS tracking devices for cars

If someone knows that a GPS device is tracking their movements, then they will become more cautious.

It is bad in case parents to keep an eye on their children, or employers want to keep a check on their employees.

A hidden GPS, like Trackmate, could be useful for both parents and employers.

The only thing users have to do is to buy the GPS device and then install it. The GPS device will start tracking the movements of the car.

Another best feature of this GPS is that it updates after every three seconds, and gives information to the person who has installed the tracker.

It provides a geofencing feature, which gives instant alerts to the user.

If the car fails at some road, then this GPS will update the user right away.

Users can also access the location history of the vehicle.

The GPS is very cheap and affordable for most drivers, who don’t want a fancy and expensive system installed in their car.

  • If users want to install this GPS inside or outside their car, both options are possible.

  • The GPS can have concealed, and no one would know that the vehicle is being closely monitored.

  • In the manufacturing of the GPS, resilient materials are used and this makes it durable.

  • It is not an easy GPS to install. This means that the person installing the GPS would need to know technical information.

  • If users want their data to travel from the GPS device to the web, then this could be difficult and slow.

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GPS tracking devices for cars

The GPS device is shaped like a cigarette lighter port. This tracker can have easily connected to the driver’s smartphone.

Moreover, this is one of those tracker devices, which support a SIM card.

If the user gets an alert that someone is moving their car, then they can easily stop their car from a remote location.

The GPS is lightweight and has good battery life.

It works both as a tracker and locator for the driver.

It contains a high-frequency band, which supports 2G network and helps in sending alerts.

  • The GPS is small in size, and the user can handle it very easily.

  • It is a reliable product and shows exemplary performance.

  • If the car is in a region where a 2G connection is not supported, then the GPS won’t send an alert.

  • The GPS does not come with an installation manual, which means the user has to figure it out.

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GPS tracking devices for cars

This is a hidden tracking device, which is easy to use.

It provides detailed data to the user, including the speed of the car, braking, and other driving aspects.

Moreover, if a driver feels that the fuel is low in the car, the GPS point towards the nearest fuel point. This is a unique feature of this GPS, which is probably not present in other devices.

When engine light is turned on in the car, the GPS device sends a signal to the user. Moreover, when the batteries of the car become worn out, even then the device sends a signal to the driver.

At times you might forget to change the oil of the car, and that could become a problem if you’re traveling someplace far Fake GPS Pokemon Go Apps.

However, with this device, you don’t have to worry.

When the car oil needs changing, the GPS device will send an alert to the user.

Further, the device even evaluates the driving tendencies of the driver. It supports a 3G connection, making it easier for those who want an instant alert.

Users can rely on this device for GPS tracking.

  • This GPS device is very easy to handle.

  • It connects to smartphones and other appliances like tablets.

  • The performance of this GPS device is quite sturdy.

  • Users will agree that the design of the GPS is stylish. This is important for those who care about the appearance of their car.

  • When the GPS device updates, they could be huge and may take a lot of time.

  • The license agreement of this device permits third parties.

  • This could be an issue for those who value their privacy and care about the security of data.

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GPS tracking devices for cars

This GPS tracker supports 2G and 3G networks and is found in over 38 countries.

The main device is connected to the On-Board Diagnostics System. Vyncs can have used for analyzing and providing car maintenance information.

Users will get alerts about the fuel consumption, acceleration of the car, braking, and speed.

This information can have particularly helpful for employers, who want to know about fuel consumption, of one trip.

As employers have to pay for fuel of those cars, that their employee is using, they have to be careful not to pay extra.

Moreover, maintenance information and alert can help those users, who use their car for multiple purposes. They might not remember to change the oil of the car or refuel it.

This device comes with a geofencing function. It is an automatic GPS device.

  • The GPS device, unlike others, doesn’t consume the battery life much.

  • The GPS is switched off when the car is switched off.

  • It can have a good device for a car rental company, that has to keep track of every car.

  • It comes with the locator feature.

  • The network connection is not very reliable and might disappoint the user.

  • This GPS device comes with some hidden charges, which not every customer would be willing to pay.

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TK 104

GPS tracking devices for cars

This GPS device is durable and is made with resilient hardware.

It provides waterproof support, which other GPS devices don’t. Moreover, when the customer is connected to the GPS device, they get real-time tracking alerts.

Users can easily view these alerts through their phones and GPS Without The Internet.

The GPS device comes with a manual, which makes it easier for users to install.

TK 104 can have controlled using the remote control.

It has an alarm function and a long battery life. Users can easily buy and use this GPS device as a locator and prevent their car from being stolen.

  • The standby time of this GPS device is 120 days.

  • When the car is in motion or it reaches a destination, the customer gets notifications through email and SMS.

  • This GPS device is made of alloy, which makes it very durable.

  • The installation process of the GPS device is very complicated.

  • This GPS’s battery takes about 7 hours to charge, which could be problematic for some customers.

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GPS tracking devices for cars

The GPS device is small in size, can have easily installed and used as a tracker.

This device comes with 2G connectivity, making it easier for users.

The battery life is long and will last a couple of days. This is a very attractive feature for customers.

If you want a lightweight GPS device, then this is the perfect device to buy. Moreover, it provides an accurate GPS location for customers and has real-time GPS tracking as well.

This GPS device, unlike other GPS devices, is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.

  • This device is very simple to handle and GPS Apps Saving You From Getting Lost.

  • It is small in size, which means that it can have easily concealed by the customer.

  • If the customer doesn’t like this GPS device, then they can easily cancel the subscription.

  • The device might send inaccurate alerts to the customer. However, this rarely happens.

  • The updates of this GPS device may take a long time. This is one feature that the creator of the GPS device, should improve on.

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Any sun

GPS tracking devices for cars

The device has 4G connectivity, and provides alerts to the user, whenever their car moves.

An SOS or emergency alert button is very important for cars. If someone is about to steal a car, or forcefully take a car from someone, then this button can come in handy.

The GPS device has a motion sensor alarm and a geo-fence function.

Moreover, the GPS device comes with a good battery life.

  • The device is very easy to install. It could be perfect for those, who want to install it right away, without letting their children know about it.

  • It comes with a door and speed alarm as well.

  • Any sun is an affordable GPS device, even though it has an SOS button.

  • The standby time of Anysun is too short, and this might be irritating for the driver.

  • Some customers have complained, that the GPS device sends them inaccurate alerts and alarms.

  • It is a problem, because if the car is not moving and the user still gets an alert, then they would panic without any reason.

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  1. FastTrack

GPS tracking devices for cars

Looks can be deceiving, especially when it comes to FastTrack.

This GPS device has a very simple design but comes with complete features for car owners.

The OBD is used to form a connection with the GPS device. The best feature of the device is that it updates every minute, and provides fresh alerts to the customer.

The driver can easily install this device, as all they have to do, is to connect it with OBD.

It has the geofencing functionality, along with the instant alert system.

The device also provides the driver with statistics related to car maintenance, like fuel check.

  • This GPS device monitors the car.

  • It provides the customer with a GPS location so that they can keep an eye on their vehicle.

  • You might not always know about the condition of your car, due to a busy schedule. The benefit of buying this GPS device is that it will keep you up to date.

  • You might feel that some alerts that you get, are pretty random.

  • This GPS device doesn’t come with an app.

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PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker

GPS tracking devices for cars

This GPS tracker is not just for cars but can be placed in purses, luggage, and even backpacks.

The GPS tracker is lightweight and compact, and customers can take it anywhere.

For example, you go for a vacation and hand your luggage to someone else, who will take it to the hotel for you.

However, the only thing you worry about the whole time is whether the person you entrusted your luggage to, might steal it.

This GPS device comes in handy, as it keeps track of your luggage.

The GPS provides a real-time location to the customers, which can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet, or even computer.

PrimeTracking comes with a 4G LTE network, which is a fast and accurate technology.

The device also has an SOS button, which can be used in emergencies by both teenagers and adults.

  • It comes with an SOS button.

  • The technology used in this GPS device is fast and accurate.

  • This GPS device can quickly locate anyone’s car, and alert them.

  • The battery life of the tracker is too short; one week.

  • Customers have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the tracker.

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Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

GPS tracking devices for cars

This is the best-hidden tracker that you can find in the market. The size of this tracker is very small: 1×1.53×3 inches.

The main benefit of this tracker is its portability.

You can easily switch the tracker to the car and then to your purse, whenever you want.

If you want to hide the tracker from others, like your children, you can hide it under the seat and they won’t notice.

  • Users have to buy a subscription for this GPS tracker.

  • They can access more features if they buy a subscription.

  • Users can download the features of this device, through Android and iPhone.

  • It not only texts the user when their car moves, but also send them an email.

  • This GPS device comes with an SOS button.

  • Users can access the GPS data on Google Maps if they want a better version of it.

  • The internal battery of the device lasts for two weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

GPS tracking devices for cars

What features should the best GPS tracking devices for cars have?

A good GPS tracking device should have the following feature:

It should be able to track the vehicle in real-time and provide updates to the customer.

Must be able to record trip history, along with kilometers traveled and the stoppages made along the way.

GPS devices should never have geo-restrictions.

Should include the function of geo-fencing.

The user should be able to import data from the GPS device, to the cloud or a smartphone app.

What does Geo-Fencing mean?

Geo-fencing takes GPS facilities to the next level. The user of the GPS device can easily create geographical boundaries, on the GPS map.

Every time the vehicle enters that boundary or exits, the user receives an alert from the device.

It has benefits for employers, as they can track the movements of their employees.

For example, if it is a courier delivery company, then it will geo-fence the area where the courier has to be delivered.

When the delivery boy enters the area, the company will right away, receive an alert.

What are the three best brands of GPS tracking devices?

Barton, Americaloc, and MotoSafety are the three best brands of GPS tracking devices.

The main focus of Barkun is tracking pets and protecting them. It provides customers with facilities like intercom and telephone hardware.

The Barton GPS device can be installed in cars and vehicles. The device comes with a magnetic vehicle tracker, which is perfect for motorcycles.

The unique thing about Barton GPS device is that it is wireless and waterproof.

Americaloc provides GPS devices for surveillance. It is best for people and law enforcement agencies. The GPS device promotes public safety and comes with geofencing capabilities.

Americaloc creates GPS devices, which have a panic button installed in them.

MotoSafety company, particularly designs GPS devices for parents, so that they can coach teenage drivers.

The GPS device creates a sense of responsibility among teenagers and provides parents with peace of mind.

What is the common price of GPS tracking devices?

There are many GPS trackers that you can find for $25.

There are quality GPS trackers that come within the range of $25-$50. They are more stable and provide a better signal reach.

However, there are expensive GPS devices available as well, where the customers have to buy subscriptions. The distinguishing features of these GPS devices are that they come with an SOS button, or are portable.

Such expensive GPS devices can be used for more than one vehicle, or for tracking other things like luggage.

What does Signal Reach means?

In terms of GPS tracking devices, signal reach means the geographical area in which the device will work.

For example, many GPS devices will work in only the country, where it is offered for sale.

However, there are GPS tracking companies that ask for a fee, to make the GPS device work in other countries.

If you have to take your vehicle out of the country a lot, then you should add different countries in your plan.

What are some of the considerations that users should keep in mind when buying a GPS tracker?

If you are buying a tracking device, then make sure it protects your privacy. Many companies write in their agreement, that they share the data of the user with third parties.

Moreover, you should keep the information of the GPS tracker, like password and username, private.

Why is real-time tracking important?

Not every GPS tracking device has a real-time tracking feature. In real-time tracking, as the vehicle moves, you will get alerts.

The alerts show how the vehicle is moving from point to point, and this will allow you to monitor the vehicle better.

Moreover, if the vehicle is parked somewhere, then you can easily see it through tracker alerts.

Should I buy a device with car maintenance features, or is it useless?

The car maintenance alert that a GPS device sends to you, can be very important. Say, you forget to change the oil or refuel the car, that can become a problem if you have to go a long distance.

If the GPS tracking device is informing you about the condition of the car, then this is a blessing in disguise.

Do GPS tracker devices come with an app?

Most GPS tracker devices come with an app because it gives you the chance to track your vehicle better.

Those GPS devices, that don’t come with an app, would send alerts to you.

However, sometimes alerts may be inaccurate, or you won’t receive the alerts, because you are in a no-signal zone.

What is the most unique feature of a GPS tracking device?

When a GPS tracking device tells you about speed violations, then this could be the best thing possible.

Parents usually let their children use their car, and even though they know where their child is going, they don’t know about the speed.

If a parent feels that their child is speeding along the road, then they can call them right away, and ask them to slow down.

This way, a teenager will drive responsibly.

GPS tracking devices help!

GPS tracking devices are particularly good for those vehicles, which employees are going to drive all day.

Companies can buy tracking devices, which tell them about the speeding limitations that their employee has crossed.

The companies that supply buses for public transportation, can keep a check on the driving of their drivers. The company can see if the drivers are driving, according to the policy of the company or not.

GPS tracking device with employees

Some employees go for errands to places, but take a lot of time. With the help of a GPS tracking device, a company can easily track the idle time the employee spent in the car.

If companies can afford, they should get a tracking device, which would keep in check the starts and stops of a vehicle.

Most employees lie about fuel consumption, and a GPS device will make them more honest.

Driver Dispatching is a feature, which can be useful for drivers. When the company dispatches the drivers, they receive instruction from the start till the finish.

When drivers receive voice-guided instructions, it improves visibility for them. They will reach their destination more quickly and it increases productivity as well.

If drivers take a direct route, then it saves their time, and the vehicle consumes less fuel.

Things To Consider

When buying a GPS tracker, you should always look for the best brands. You should consider your budget and needs. Some people only need a GPS tracker, to keep track of the location of their car.

However, some drivers want an SOS feature with their GPS tracker, so that they can send an emergency signal if the car is being stolen.

You might need a waterproof GPS tracker or one which offers geo-fencing. On the other hand, some other drivers might think that geofencing is a fancy feature and they don’t need it.

There are GPS trackers for every car, and they consider the needs of the drivers. When someone buys a car, they look after it, and the first thing they should do is installing a tracker in it.

A new car attracts the attention of people around it, which is why it is best to install a tracker in the car right away.

Is it worth putting a tracker in my car?

Installing a tracking device in your car is a very reliable and effective way to protect it from crime.

While these can be quite expensive, these items will reduce your insurance premiums and will cause you a lot of trouble in the long run if your car is stolen.

How can I secretly track my car?

The Space Hawk offers a magnetic mount for easy placement in a car, so users don’t have to break any rules to get into the car.

The micro GPS device provides real-time updates that allow a person to hide any vehicle from their mobile phone or computer.

How much does a tracker cost?

How much does a tracker car cost? The hardware cost for consumer-level real-time GPS trackers is a device.00 $ .00..00- $ 9 $ .00.00 per device with heavy fleet tracking GPS system within range $ 199.00.

For GPS trackers users no monthly fee. 149.00- .00 can expect investment between 199.00.

Is there a GPS tracker without a monthly fee?

1 iTrail GPS Logger is the most cost-effective vehicle tracking device with no monthly fee. Israel GPS Logger is a great tool for tracking vehicles without any monthly fee.

It comes with built-in rechargeable 750mAh Li-ion battery, it can last up to 120 hours after a full charge. The tracker has a motion activation.

Are there any GPS trackers without monthly fees?

If you are looking for a non-freeze GPS tracker without a monthly fee, the automatic PRO Out 350 is a great choice.

It comes with a free 3G service, and can only be a GPS tracker with the support of Amazon Alexa.


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