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Your No-BS, Straight Guide to Grow Your Instagram Followers

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2019)

It is not that easy to grow more popular and get more followers when it comes down to Instagram in 2019 as compared to two or three years back. If you really want to give your account a boost and grow it, you would a very competitive place, owning lots of smart and creative brands and over one billion users.

You would have to work smarter and harder in order to advertise your brand, stand out from the rest and get more followers. Here we have shared a few tips Instagram Followers will get more followers and reach your target audience.

1. Complete and branded profile

branded profile of instagram

If you want to get a high reach and more followers on Instagram, the first thing you should be doing is figuring out what your profile looks like as a whole. Whether it is as appealing as you think it is? Look at your profile as someone else’s. Would you follow someone whose profile as whole looks like yours or you would not?

Take a look at your feed first. Your feed is the first thing Instagram Followers will put a great impression if you have worked on it and compel people, who are going through the profile to hit that follow button. Since your profile has become as crucial as your homepage, you should definitely work on it to make it look more appealing.

How do people decide whether to follow you or not? It takes them seconds to make the decision of whether to hit the follow button or not. They do it by quickly going through your feed, reading your bio, and clicking on your stories and highlights.

You to do a bit more than just making your editing style consistent in order to convert the visitors into followers. You also would need to have an aesthetic profile picture, an influencing bio, and also harmonizing covert photos to match your highlights.

2. Stories with awesome hashtags and location tags

Instagram Followers

With the launch of even more features, music, shopping stickers, polls, questions, and more, it is going to be another huge year for the Instagram stories. People are getting more creative and trying to come with new interesting styles by making use of new tools and features.

The Instagram stories are shown on the Instagram explore page, so even if someone is not following you they can still see your stories. who knows if they liked your story they might even tap to visit your profile.

Your stories can still be seen in other stories for different locations and hashtags, except for the Instagram Explore page. Most Instagram geo-locations and hashtags have their own stories attached to them too if you did not know it before. So if you are not the following someone, you can still watch their stories using the location or the hashtag sticker they put in there.

3. More selfies, more followers

More selfies, more followers

You can not deny the fact that Instagram has become a very social place. It does not matter if you own a brand or you are an influencer or just a person that studied with other together in the high school, people would always want to follow someone who they can relate to.

To get more people following you, you would really need to put forward your creativity, show off your brand or business. Try to make your Instagram profile as much relatable as you can.

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Another thing Instagram Followers will help you increase your followers is posting selfies. About 38% more likes on Instagram are on photos with faces. You can introduce your brand and reach out to your audience through posting videos Instagram Followers is the easiest way. A tone can be set instantly, some behind the scene footage will also help to showcase the properties Instagram Followers make your brand stand out and different from the rest.

You can also get your staff involved Instagram Followers will add more personality to your followers. So the next time you craft an Instagram story, do not forget face to face screen time to introduce your brand to your followers.

4. Instagram ads

Instagram ads

The presenting of the right type of ads to your audience, you will earn a real opportunity to gain more followers, since Instagram is a very competing market place for your business or brands.

Instagram ad campaign could prove to be daunting for small business owners and influencers who have not made use of it before, though it is not that complicated to do so.

There’s a whole host of different types of Instagram ads you can run for your account — from feed-style images and videos, to promote Instagram Stories ads Instagram Followers will appear as your target audience taps through stories. What’s important is making sure you’re targeting the right audience, in the right way!

Fortunately, the sponsored ads have made targeting your audience a lot easier, since Instagram will willingly do all the hard work and stuff. An audience can be created easily by choosing the age group, gender, and interests that you want to promote. A similar can be attracted by Instagram with Instagram Followers you can share your post too.

Here’s the Instagram business way to know more about it.

One thing about Instagram ads is that you should what kind of content your audience is more interested in, whether they like videos more or still photos are more appreciated, or the most interaction can be achieved by the Instagram stories. Then finally put your strategy into working.

5. Promote your content on other social media platforms

Promote your content on other social media platforms

To get going with reaching out more to people and approach them to follow you, try expanding your brand or content on other platforms as well other than just sticking to Instagram.

Think about building a website or making a Facebook page or creating a YouTube channel Instagram Followers will guide your audience to your Instagram profile. Cross promoting your content like Instagram Followers will lead the people already following you to your Instagram page, or you can also reach out and introduce yourself with the audience that has come to know you from a different platform.

If you own a website on WordPress, you will find hundreds of plugin with Instagram Followers you can incorporate your Instagram feed into your website. You can also invite people to follow you on Instagram to go through your feed, through a YouTube channel or something.

6. Collab with other brands

Instagram Followers

You might have seen Instagram Followers YouTube that the growing YouTubers try to do a collaboration with someone who already has a huge fan following. Doing a collab with a famous person will help you reach your audience as well as the other person’s audience as well.

The same tactic could be used to get more followers on Instagram, the power of collaboration is huge enough to give your business a head start. Teaming up with well-known brands will give you exposure to the audience you might never have reached or interacted with before.

Co-marketing campaigns don’t have to be complicated or costly! What’s more important is who you partner with. You want to make sure that you have a mutually beneficial partnership and that both your audiences will benefit from your collaboration efforts.

7. Long-lasting Influencer projects

Instagram Followers

Being able to build a genuine relationship of trust and loyalty with your followers is what the Influencer market is built upon. The Influencer could be the brand ambassador for your brand if your partner up with them.

Instead of a single sponsored post with your partner Influencer, you need to build up a long-lasting project to reach out to more people and get them to start following you.

To make out more of your Influencer’s audience you should try tactics to grow your fan following by either giveaways or takeovers instead of putting effort on a year-long project.

Instead of just one time that the Influencer will mention your brand, you should use a longer-term tactic and reach for someone who is a genuine follower of your brand and is genuinely passionate about showcasing your brand throughout the year.

So if they post regularly you will be able to see genuine and real reviews about your brand in their post, Instagram Followers will help you reach your target audience.

8. Create a Custom Instagram Stories Filter

Instagram Followers

Augmented Reality or AR for short sounds something to be of the space era but you might be aware of it Instagram Followers we get its exposure about almost every day on Instagram.

If you have used or seen the puppy ears or heart filters on Instagram then you have been using AR without even knowing it. Facebook has made it possible for brands to their own custom AR filters for Instagram Stories.

When someone uses your branded AR filter in their stories, viewers can see who created it and will be prompted to try it out themselves. When people visit your Instagram profile, they’ll be prompted to try out the filter, Instagram Followers is a creative way to get more Instagram followers and get your filter in front of a new audience in a lighthearted and fun way.



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