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Is Streamlabs Prime Worth? Reviews, Free Amazon Prime

There are so many streaming websites to keep track of, that you might get confused about what to do with so many.

Streamlabs is unique in nature and is live streaming software that can integrate Open Broadcaster Software with the interactions of viewers.

If someone buys the prime subscription of Streamlabs, then there are multiple features that they can enjoy.


Is Streamlabs Prime Worth

These multiples features make it worth buying the prime membership of Streamlabs.

Steam Overlays

The first feature that the user would get to enjoy, is Steam Overlays. In this feature, the user gets access to many stream overlays, which are created by the best designers of the industry.

There is a whole library of Stream Overlays, that you can only access when you sign up for the premium membership.


What could be better than streaming on one platform? Streaming on multiple platforms at the same time! If you really want to grow your audience in Streamlabs, then you should buy the prime subscription.

You will be able to stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and some other locations at the same time. This will let you reach a wider audience, and you won’t even have to double the effort.

Alert Box Themes

  • If you are tired of the alerts that you have right now, then you should definitely get a Prime subscription.
  • This subscription will give you access to themed alerts.

App Store

There are so many apps in Streamlabs, and all these apps will be accessible when you buy the Prime subscription.

  • Some of these apps include Powerspike, and this helps you get access to sponsorship deals.
  • Another good app that you can use is the Pretzel and Monstercat app, which helps you stream music.

There are other tools available through the prime subscription, which allow you to engage with the audience.

Premium Merchandise Store Items

When you buy the premium subscription, then you also get to unlock premium merchandise.

There are many brands that you can get access to, like Champion. Moreover, you can get shoes, hats, bags and other home goods.

Tip Page

If you have fans on Streamlabs, then with a premium subscription, you can send them a customized tip page, which matches the brand.

  • You can come up with your own logo, images, and change the design as per requirement.
  • If you want to change colors, so that it matches your brand, then that can be done by Premium subscribers.

Customer Support

While those who don’t have a subscription get customer support, you will get VIP support.

  • If there is a product that is creating problems for you on Stremalabs, then you will be provided with immediate assistance.

Mobile Deck App

With a premium subscription, you will get access to a mobile deck app, and you won’t have to spend any money on steam deck. Is streamlabs prime worth to buy to should to leave?

There are so many other features that you can also get with Streamlabs Premium. You can get a bar of gold all star-status on the loyalty program, and each loyalty program has its own benefits.

  • If you don’t like the name of your Cloudboy, then you can customize it on your own.
  • As for file storage, it will also increase by 10GB.
  • You can easily store your gifs, videos, pictures, and much more with it.
  • When you use such media during your stream, then it makes it more appealing.

Further, you will get access to panel makers, which makes it very easy for you to customize the text on panels, colors, and much more.

If you have ever posted a video on YouTube, then you know how time-consuming it can be. Every video needs to have a consistent and unique thumbnail, which is a very time-consuming job. However, when you use Prime, then you get access to YouTube Thumbnail Editor, and from this editor, you get to choose templates and customize what you want to.

There is also a sound library, which gives you access to multiple sound alerts. You don’t have to worry about any DCMA warnings, because these alerts are created from scratch.


All these features are present in the premium subscription plan of Streamlabs, which means is Streamlabs prime worth?.

If you want to have access to more features than you do now, then do buy the subscription.

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