How To Jailbreak A Roku?

If you guys don’t know what is a ROKU, or what is this “Jailbreak?” Let’s solve How To Jailbreak A Roku?

What is Roku?

Jailbreak A Roku

So guys, give me the honor to tell you what a ROKU is actually. Roku is a digital media player that comes at an affordable price.

Roku can have used to stream hundreds of TV shows, hit and top listed movies, and many more things which come in the category of media.

Jailbreak A Roku

It is available and can have bought in the form of a set-top box or sticks and I should not forget to mention that it is portable. Anyone with the help of Roku can stream tons of channels and content all of this completely free of cost, just by connecting the Roku to the TV or monitor with the internet.

Though there are so many streaming options, there are some users who keep questioning how to jailbreak a Roku so you that person can use that Roku out of the box, out of all the restrictions made to that Roku of yours.

If you are one of those people who want to unlock and push through limitations, then you are lucky that I will be telling you about how to do it later in this article.

What is Jailbreaking?

Jailbreak A Roku

The term “Jailbreaking” is referred to as bypassing or crossing the limitations of any device which is given by the device manufacturer itself.

Jailbreak operation does the job by altering the device permissions; it allows the user to easily customize the device according to their needs and as the user wants.

Whenever a device is jailbroken, the user of that device can easily install any third-party software which is unauthorized on that device.

  • The team “Jailbreak” is often associated with iOS and Firestick because both of these systems refrains and limits its users from installing any unauthorized application and games.

Now, I will be telling you the procedure of how to Jailbreak a Roku.

How to Jailbreak a Roku?

Jailbreak A Roku

Jailbreaking a Roku TV is a method that you can use to install third-party software or application on your Roku TV. The following are the methods to jailbreak different Roku devices. Read until the end.


  • If you are using a Smart TV, then check whether it runs on an Android OS or any other.

Jailbreak A Roku

  • Search and locate the Google Play Store application on your TV. If the application is not there, it means that your TV is not running on an Android OS.

Jailbreak A Roku

  • Type and search Kodi on the Google Play Store.
  • Various applications will be visible in the list of apps.
  • Choose Kodi from that list and click on the “Install” button

Jailbreak A Roku

  • Complete the necessary actions to complete the installation procedure.
  • Insert the Roku TV on your Smart TV and locate and view Kodi in it.

Jailbreak A Roku

  • If you are a user of the Roku Streaming device, then insert it into your TV.

Jailbreak A Roku

  • Connect your TV or streaming device with a wireless internet connection.

Jailbreak A Roku

  • Use Screen Mirroring to view the content on your TV.
  • Make sure that the TV system or Roku system and Android device are all connected to the same device.
  • Install the Kodi app you downloaded on your Android device.

Jailbreak A Roku

  • Check if your Roku device is updated to the latest version available.

Roku device

  • Then go to the settings of your streaming device and enable the Mirror Screening option there.

Screening option

  • On your Android device, select the option which says, “Jailbreak Roku TV Screen Mirroring” under the “Connections” menu.
  • If you apply all the above-mentioned steps very carefully and just as I have mentioned them, then the connection is now established. Now you can watch movies and TV shows using this option.

How to Roku 3 Jailbreak?

If you want to jailbreak your Roku device which is connected to a Windows system, you are just at the right place. I will provide you with the procedure now.

  • Check and make sure your Windows operating system version is 8.1 or any latest version.

Jailbreak A Roku

  • Connect and establish your Windows to a wireless or wired network


  • Plugin the Roku streaming stick in your PC via the compatible port
  • Make sure your PC and Roku device had connected to the same wireless internet network

wireless internet network

  • Open Windows store on your PC and search the Kodi app there.

Kodi App

  • Click the Kodi app in the list and follow all the necessary steps to install it on your Windows PC.

Windows PC

  • Search the Settings option in the Start menu on your PC

Start menu on your PC

  • Find the option which says “Connected Devices” under the sub-menu.
  • In that option, select and click on the option which says “Add a Device”. This option is located at the top of the menu bar.

Add a Device

  • It will discover the Roku device on the search bar of that option.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the Screen Mirroring option on your Roku streaming device.
  • Check and make sure that the same option is activated on your Windows system as well.
  • Use the Screen Mirroring feature to view all the content on your television.
  • Now you can easily watch and enjoy your favorite movies and best TV shows via the Screen Mirroring feature.

These were only two of the methods for Jailbreaking a Roku. As there are many Roku devices, they require different procedures to jailbreak them.

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Well, I hope that the methods I have shared with you in this article of mine will be helpful for you and I hope that you successfully jailbreak your Roku device by following these steps that I have shared with you. Official guide.

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