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10 Reasons Why LG TVs Keep Turning Off

It can be annoying to wait weeks for your favorite show to start or to watch a movie with your friends just for the screen to switch off.

Fortunately, there are several causes for this that we have discussed in this article.

Let’s begin!

10 Reasons Why LG TVs Keep Turning Off

10 Reasons Why LG TVs Keep Turning Off
Why does my LG TV keep turning itself off?


Overheating is one element in your LG TV’s automatic shut-off. Proper airflow is crucial because TVs generate an excessive amount of heat.

Whether the television is encased in a closet/ theatre unit, try removing it so it can get some fresh air.

To remove any dirt that may be obstructing the vents, you may also employ a can of Air Compressed.

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A power crisis

Lack of power is another reason for LG televisions to shut off. Verify that the power cable is linked to an operational socket and that it is in a good state.

Connect your TV straight to an electrical socket if it has a power strip.

If it doesn’t work, you can try unplugging the power adapter for 30 seconds.

Hardware Problems

What causes TV to turn off by itself?
What causes TV to turn off by itself?

If your TV abruptly turns off and there are no evident problems, you may have a technical problem. Warnings are exchanged as each of the television’s parts converge on the primary board, here is where most problems begin.

The TV will become hot and turn on and off again automatically if the chip is burned out or broken. Sadly, repairing a damaged motherboard might be a pricey and ineffective solution.

Equipment-connection issues

Your TV may be turned on and off by another plugged-in device if the power adapter isn’t the culprit.

The wake-up signals can be manipulated if you are engaged in a game without other users meddling. Crystal UHD TV with white background appears.

Damaged brightness

The display can look dark or defective. Sometimes the issue is a faulty motherboard. A television’s motherboard is a crucial part. When the motherboard malfunctions, everything else does too.

Otherwise, your TV’s lifespan is simply coming to an end. It may be time to buy a new TV if you’ve tried everything else and your connected TV keeps shutting off on its own.

A jammed power switch

How do I fix my old LG TV from turning on and off?
How do I fix my old LG TV from turning on and off?

We use our remotes frequently every day. They tumble off tables, kids splatter their juice, and they disappear between the couch cushions.

The remote control gradually becomes burdened by everything.

If I continue to depress the ON button, the TV can abruptly shut off. Use an absorbent cloth and rubbing alcohol to clean the power button if it is sticky or appears to have been touched.

Setting Issues

Check your TV’s settings if you have analyzed the electrical cord and found nothing unusual. LG TVs occasionally shut off due to certain settings. Things to look for are:

  • Energy-saving setting.
  • Rapid start/autonomous shutdown.
  • Timer for the alarm clock.

The hindrance should be resolved by turning off or modifying these features.

Memory issues or a crowded cache

The power cord reveals to be in good form, yet the LG TV turns off and then restarts. When your TV’s memory is consumed, a reboot is necessary.

Your TV will benefit from the clearing of all overflowing data that was formerly cached, and it will likely carry o until more space is available.

Older versions of the Software

The software on your smart TV will soon stop functioning if you fail to update it.

  • Check for software upgrades if you’re still having trouble identifying the problem’s root cause.
  • Click the Settings icon on the TV’s remote and choose All Settings to update the software that’s installed on your LG Smart TV.
  • Then click Software Update and Support.

Requires a Factory Reset

The device will reset to its original state following being factory reset. That requires you to completely reinstall your TV. A vast percentage of mankind tries anything to avoid performing a reset of the system, but if all else is unsuccessful, it usually resolves the problem.

Note: Please contact customer care if your LG TV suddenly shuts off without warning. If necessary, they will send you a comparable TV and help you troubleshoot the problem.


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