How To Lock Keyboard on a Laptop

About a year back, I got to know the universe of infants when my first niece was conceived. I was living a large portion of the world away at that point, and I found that watching the baby doing things on Skype was almost in the same class as being there myself (well, almost).

Issues started to emerge when the baby persuaded mature enough to be interested in the PC, and instead of talking to my sister and watching the baby, the baby was hitting each console key insight and completing to my sister’s PC I didn’t have any partner with you could do with a keyboard.

My cats are additionally in on this secret, and many occasions I had extremely weird things happen when they chose to go for a walk on my keyboard.

This got me interested in programs that can lock the keyboard and mouse while as yet allowing you to use the PC and its presentation. The selection isn’t gigantic using any means, yet I managed to find several solutions to this issue.

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Child Key-Lock

While generally got ready for protecting your PC safe from kids (as the name proposes), Kid-Key-Lock can be helpful in any number of circumstances.

Using Kid-Key-Lock, you can lock only your left mouse button, the perfect button, only the haggle left, and so on. You can pick any combination you wish.

There are likewise several options for locking the keyboard, for example, locking only framework combinations (ctrl, alt, win combinations), locking all keys yet character keys, and so on. This is extremely handy because it means you can, for instance, let someone type something using your keyboard, however, do nothing else.

The options are not fancy, however useful. You can set up passwords you can type whenever (in any event, when the keyboard is locked), which will stack the arrangement or quit the program.

These are huge, as they are your possible way out on the off chance that you choose to jolt all keys and all mouse buttons. Fortunately, Kid-Key-Lock can identify when you start typing your secret key and remind you what the full secret word is.

This is an entirely flexible program and you can change it to lock exactly what you want, and only that. Very useful, regardless of whether you don’t have children or cats!

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On the off chance that the past two appear apparently to be superfluously configurable to you, you may like KeyFreeze.

It does a certain something and one thing in particular. It bolts your keyboard and mouse. At the point when you run KeyFreeze, you get a little window with one button.

  • At the point when you click this button, you get a countdown and everything will lock in 5 seconds.
  • That is it. To unlock, you need to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and then Esc. I had a go at watching a film with KeyFreeze on, and it worked extraordinarily.
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  • The film was playing easily, and nothing I did with the keyboard or mouse had any effect. Enchantment!

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