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How to Make IDE to USB Cable?

USB stands for universal serial bus. It helps for the association between computers, removable media equipment, and many more. You can make IDE to USB cable.

It keeps, saves, and transfers data. There are many several types of USB. IDE stands for an integrated development environment.

There are several IDEs like visual studio and Eclipse. The programmer uses it to incorporate all the standard and general elements of writing, features, or tools in a single software. Hence it improves the productivity of the programmer.

How to make IDE to USB Cable?

cable IDE to USB cable

Integrated drive electronics (IDE) infers to interface hard disk drives utilized to attach internally to the motherboard.

Desktop hard drives prefer a 40-pin cable to adhere to the motherboard, whereas laptop hard drives expect a 44-pin connector.

Dissimilar IDE, the universal serial bus (USB) attaches externally to the motherboard through a USB port positioned on the appliance panel.

An IDE-to-USB adapter authorizes you to engage an IDE hard drive to a computer through a USB interface. There is a converter cable in which we can put in IDE. It is a slot for IDE, and on the other side, there is an option for USB. There is a power cable.

  • Connect the power cable to a power source that provides power.
  • Connect the power cable’s output to this adaptor.

connect together IDE to USB

  • If you don’t want to open your personal computer, directly use the hard drive as a USB hard drive after establishing a complete setup and plugin power cable in the hard disk.
  • Attach the USB cable in the USB port and switch on the circuit.

data cable IDE to USB

  • Now the hard disk is started — plugin in the USB port.

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Steps to make

  • Remove the IDE hard drive from its antistatic bag.
  • Establish the set of jumpers using a pair of tweezers on the hard drive, which is as a slave.
  • Insert the 40-pin interface on the adapter’s account into the 40-pin association on the back of the integrated drive electronics IDE hard drive.

Wire cable to make IDE to USB

  • Attach the power cable of 4 pins in 4 pin connection.
  • Now switch on the power supply.
  • Directly the IDE and USB cable attached plug in the USB place or USB slot in the computer.
  • In the next step, number six, now install the software or program with an adapter of USB and IDE on the computer.
  • Now check the computer. Now the drive will come to the computer.
  • Using this procedure, we can connect a hard disk drive without opening the computer.


From the above explanation and procedure to convert IDE to USB, it is clear that the process is very easy and simple.

It is the best way to use a hard drive without opening the computer.

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