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How to Ban Someone on Discord Completely?

Anybody that has enjoyed an open-chat game knows how certain antagonistic individuals can also be, or perhaps just socially awkward. Even in a nearby network of people, individuals whose acts are challenging and make the experience less satisfying to everyone.

This kind of negative behavior can become quite boring pretty fast, whether someone is flagging the conversation, forwarding offensive messages, that’s being a public nuisance.

Even so, users may be looking for a method to block a certain person or avoiding trying to communicate with them anyway.

Luckily, there are many resources to help you handle people whom actions are a challenge if you’re using Discord to organize your related chat sessions.

How to ban someone on Discord?


There are many alternate features from which you choose to deals with abusive persons in Discord. Although each of these strategies can help you deal with violent thugs, all of them serve quite particular meaning ideas.

  • Blocks a consumer keeps them from just being able to interact through a message with everyone.
  • They would also be able to check your posts, and they will be sure to watch your online activity log.
  • Muting is comparable; it’s for the audio network.


  • Upon this screen, a consumer which you mute cannot communicate yet can listen to whatever the conversation means.
  • On the audio stream, Deafen often operates and stops a person from realizing what has been said.
  • Kicking, for instance, implies being thrown off the stream or client entirely.
  • After a punch, although, a participant will reconnect the database if they have been re-invited.

Highest level of sanction

Highest level of sanction

A blocked user has booted it off the database and cannot try to join the network. Suppose the administrators decide the participant’s messages are so harmful that they need to be deleted.

In that case, the manager can preferably delete out their comments on either the database over the last 24 hours or even the last seven days.

Of course, as the domain controller, whether it should block, disable, kick or ban a participant is a judgment for yourself. Whatever alternate feature you choose, to discover how to use it, keep reading.

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How you ban individuals on Discord?

It’s simple to knock or remove somebody from your Discord database server unless you’re the server owner. You will want to ban the consumer unless the client is copying and pasting excessively.

  • Discover a user on your database.

ban someone on discord

  • Right-click upon this profile of that person and choose Ban.

ban someone on discord

  • After Delete Conversation History, choose a method.
  • You can ignore it even if you do not think about the text and press Ban.

ban someone on discord

  • You now have the individual completely blocked.


So, for players, Discord is a perfect destination in which they can chat effortlessly. It is composed in JAVA Script and is accessible in 27 languages.

Since the last choice is to report, the volatile crazies can be kicked through by the Kick or Ban tool. These methods could be used as well, as you do not disable the conversations as reported.

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