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How to Use Tiktok on PC and Mac Device?

Tiktok is a beautiful application for the World Wide Web to become famous. Even for personal enjoyment, it is a perfect app. Small pieces of videos go viral with millions of consumers by giving their viewers an unlimited amount of entertainment hours.

Tiktok is, as we all know, available for Android and iOS devices, which means only smartphone platforms. This information will help you set up using Tiktok on a PC and a Mac if you want to use Tiktok on your PC or laptop.

The smartphone app is not the only place you can enjoy the network with video clips. You can also use the Tiktok app to view and post videos to Tiktok directly from your computer.

How can you use Tiktot on your PC or Mac device?


  • On your Desktop or Mac, activate Google Chrome and check out the official Tiktok webpage.

use login button

  • Now, in the top right-hand corner of the Tiktok settings page, press the Watch Here icon.
  • Open a new tab and press the login icon in the upper right – hand corner.
  • Login into your TikTok account while using the available login options.

user phone or email

  • I’m also using Google sign-in option to log in to the Tiktok profile in this demonstration.
  • You can use the application once you have signed in to watch personalized content highlights and post any edited video.

use tiktok on pc

However, as you see in the application component, the desktop version of Tiktok does not have full-fledged customization options. You need to rely on third-party video editing tools if you want to edit videos.

The only drawback to using Tiktok’s website is that you won’t be able to edit your clips using built-in editing features. You can’t get access to filters or effects from Tiktok.

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You can use the content creation functionality on Tiktok’s mobile application to edit videos before posting them. This option is, sadly, not available on the desktop device.

You will have to install an Android emulator on your PC or Mac if you choose to use the developed editing software on TikTok rather than other video editing features.

BlueStacks has been one of the popular android emulators. You will be able to access the mobile update of Tiktok from your device via BlueStacks.

How to get started with BlueStacks is here:

  • BlueStacks Download and Install.

bluestacks 3

  • On BlueStacks, install the Tiktok app.


  • With BlueStacks, you can Watch, Upload, and Edit Tiktok Videos.

Where die Bluestacks place

  • The Tiktok clips from “Media Manager,” located in the BlueStacks section of “System Apps.”

use tiktok on pc

  • You can search the Tiktok application to upload and edit your clip when you have already exported the video.
  • You can similarly use Tiktok on smartphones by using the BlueStacks Android emulator.


Using your PC or Mac, you can capture and upload videos directly on Tiktok. You will need to download the BlueStacks emulator to use Tiktok’s built-in knowledge and understanding.

For Mac users, before downloading it on your device, note to follow all the operational specifications.

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