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How To Make Minecraft Run Faster

It’s vexing to wait for your game loading. Minecraft could be pretty tough on some computers to run. So to make Minecraft run faster and reduce lag, you can read this post and following the tips to boost the game performance.

Before you start, you need to make sure your computer has met the Minecraft minimum system requirements. This could be the element that affects your game speed.

How To Make Minecraft Run Faster?

Way 1: Optimizing Computer Setting

Notwithstanding changing game settings, you can optimize your PC for a quicker and better gaming experience.

  • End unnecessary tasks. Background processes occupy precious storage resources, such as applications like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Skype, Cortana; some antivirus programs like McAfee and Norton; and so on.
  • Right-click on the Task Bar and select Task Manager.
  • In the Process tab of Task Manager, click to active the process that you need to close.
  • Then click End task in the bottom right.
  • Set Minecraft Java file as a high priority. In the Details tab of the Task Manager window.
  • Then find the Java file of the game, right-click on it, and select Set Priority – High.
  • Update graphics card drivers. GPU with the very latest drivers gives the best performance it can provide to run your game.

Search “device manager” from the Windows Start menu and select Device                          Manager in the result list.

Unfold Display adaptors to show your graphics cards. In the event that you own two graphics cards, focus on the one that you are utilizing for gaming, not the Intel graphics.

Right-click the target graphics card and pick Update Driver.

  • Clean up unwanted and trash files.
  • Presently Search with the Windows search function and pick the disk on which Minecraft is installed to clean.
  • Disk defragment. Right, click the game installed to disk and select Properties. Switch to the Tools tab and click Optimize.
  • Avoid dual monitors. Press the “Windows + R” key to trigger the PROJECT menu on the right and select PC screen only.
  • Optimize the computer network. Turn off other devices on your network if there are. And, connect to the Internet through ethernet instead of Wi-Fi
  • Clean up the computer physically. For example, after years of utilization, there should be some dust in your PC host. Try to clean out the dust will also be helpful for how to make Minecraft run faster.

Way 2: Set Java as a priority

This method may not exceptionally powerful but it’s still worth trying. Java is an important software for Minecraft. So give it enough room to run smoothly will help speeding up Minecraft.

  • Press on the keyboard Ctrl + Shift + Esc together to open the Task Manager.
  • Then click on the Details Option.
  • Now Right-click on Java, choose Set priority > High.

Way 3: Make Minecraft Run Faster with Third-party Mods

Mods with specialized configuration options allow Minecraft to run faster and look better. OptiFine is a standout amongst Minecraft optimization mods. It can boot FPS; support HD textures and shaders; optimize dynamic lights, render distance, mipmaps, and so on.

  • Download the very latest version of OptiFine HD Ultra (JAR file) on its official website.
  • Then Install the JAR file.
  • Now Play Minecraft with its default settings

You will feel a great improvement in in-game performance especially the speed.

How do you make Minecraft less laggy?

By tweaking in-game graphic settings, the frame rate can be improved, and eventually decrease lag. Start by opening the in-game menu and select Settings.

Let’s touch on Graphics first. On the off chance that they’re set to “Fancy,” switch it over to Fast.

Why does Minecraft Java run so poorly?

This is usually reason by a slow or inconsistent internet connection, or by a slow server.

In case you’re experiencing slowed performance due to a connection, you may have to pause or stop any current downloads, change your network settings, or you may require a faster internet connection.

How can I make shaders run smoother?

The only way (that I know) to speed up shader performance w/o upgrading your computer is to turn down some settings. Usually: turning down max FPS (if not smooth) turning down render distance.

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