How To Make Someone A Mod On Twitch

A Mod is very important; be it Twitch or any other social media website where you make your channel.

When you make a channel, you make streaming schedules, set up artwork, marketing, and much more. There has to be a mod, who can look after the chat section and other things that give the channel a positive vibe.

When you have a mod, then it will result in positive activity because when there are haters, then they leave abusive comments or start fights with others. This impacts the number of followers of a channel, but getting a mod would keep the peace on the website.

How To Make Someone A Mod On Twitch?

Making a mod is a simple process on Twitch, and there are a couple of things to make it happen. The first thing that you need to do is click on a username within a chat:

  • Makes sure that the user you want to become the mod, joins your Twitch stream
  • Click on their username in the chat section
  • Click the icon of the person that has a plus sign, and says ‘Mod’ [username]

These three simple steps will grant them the permission of becoming the moderator of a channel. There is another simple method through which you can achieve this objective.

  • Type /mode[username], and the next message you see will tell you that the mod privileges have been given to the user.

Mod Commands on Twitch

So, what can a mod do? There are several commands that they should know if they want to keep the channel a peaceful place. Some of these commands are as follows:


This command will ensure that a user is blocked from communicating with you.

This can be a useful command if someone is being abusive or annoying, and you don’t want to interact with them anymore.


If you have blocked someone by mistake, or want to give someone another chance on Twitch, then this command will unblock them.


This command is particularly helpful for a mod because they would be able to ban a person, completely, from using chat.


The mod can remove a permanent ban user, and allow them to take part in chat again.


When you chat with someone, using this command will allow you to use emoticons only.

If you want them off, then simply type in the command /emoteonly off.

You can even host a stream on your channel, by sending the command /host[channel], and if you want to end the stream, then just use /unhost.

A mod is responsible for looking after a channel. They might want to attract more users to a channel by collaborating with others. If you want to send followers to another channel, then simply type in the command /raid[channel].

These simple commands can make the job of a mod easier. They won’t have to look for options if they are able to make sense of these commands and use them on a daily basis.

How to Choose a Mod?

When choosing a mod, be very careful. You can’t choose someone as a mod, who you don’t know much about. A mod has to know about Twitch and how it works, in order to manage a channel properly. If you know and trust someone on Twitch, and they are part of the same channel as you, then make them a Mod.

In case you think that the person you are making the mod doesn’t like the channel much, then it would be a mistake to make them the mod.

If the size of your channel is big, then you can have multiple moderators. A small channel should have 2 moderators, a medium channel should have 1 mod for every 200 members, and a large channel should have 1 mod for every 600 members.

Mod is very important to have on a channel because managing a chat is vital for the success of the channel. If people start writing long and irrelevant messages or the messages that they write are copied and paste, then that would become annoying for the other members.

This is why, making a mod is very important on Twitch, and one must not think that they can manage everything on their own. It could become hectic.

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