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Why does my monitor say no signal when computer is on?

Imagine switching on the CPU and the warning that you get right away is that, “No signal” on a blank screen.

Now, for most people who need to do important work, this is the time to panic.

At times, this happens that even though the computer is working, the screen doesn’t show anything. This means, that the screen is not getting any signal from the computer, which is its power source.

The first thing that you need to do is to start troubleshooting the issue and make sure that the video cable attached to it, is connected properly.

Those who have been using a PC for a long time, they know that when a video cable isn’t pushed all the way in, it can be quite problematic, but common as well.

My monitor says no signal when the computer is on

Usually, users connect a VGA or HDMI cable with their CPU and monitor, but while they are inserting it, be careful as to not insert too tightly.

The best way to know if the two devices are connected together or not is by seeing the power light on the monitor.

If the power light on the monitor is on, then it is simply the matter of the HDMI or VGA cable being loose or not attached from the other end. What’s wrong with the computer turns on but no display on the monitor I tired so, keep reading till the end.

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Check the HDMI or VGACable

  • However, if the power light is on, and the cable is inserted properly, then you need to check the cable.
  • Insert it to another device, and if it doesn’t function there, then this means the video cable is faulty, and you just have to change it.

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Reason of pc monitor no signal detected either the cable is working perfectly.

Video Card

It might be possible that the video card that is inserted into your PC, is at fault. If it is possible for you, then remove the CPU case, and then check the video card slot.

  • It could be that the card is suffering from internal damage, which is why all you see is a blank screen.
  • In this case, there is no other solution but to either replace the video card or take it to a technician, so that he can have a look.

We all try to solve computer related problems on our own, but there are a few things that we should keep in mind.

  • Firstly, if you don’t get a signal after replacing your video card, then get it checked, and don’t probe it any further or it might get more damaged then before.
  • Make sure that you are handling the wires of your PC with care and lightly; you don’t want to break any wire, or else you might even have to buy a whole new system.

In case the system is under warranty, and you are not sure how to handle technical things, then you can easily go to the seller.

Users should never open CPU units or PC units on their own, because not everyone understands the elements inside, and might end up damaging them all together. These methods will surely bring your PC monitor back to life.


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