15 Best Android Wireless Charger and Why You Need One in 2019

Wires are what's missing in all our visions of the future. You would never see someone fumbling with a cable to either plug into your Android or iPhone in the shape of a charger or earphones without any wires. In this page, you get lots of information on Android Wireless Charger and Why You Need One in 2019? Everything would just magically work and wires would vanish. We are close to that kind of future but we are not there yet. Wireless charging is improving all the time. Leading the way to Read more [...]

Longest Battery Life Smartphones of 2019

Using smartphones has become an addiction these days. With the passage of time new technologies and features are being introduced in your smartphones everyday. But large battery capacity is something everyone wants to have that follow Longest Battery Life Smartphone. Battery life is the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying a new smartphone. Everyone would want a smartphone which will go for hours with just a single charge all day without draining so quickly and taking all the Read more [...]

8 Common Battery Myths You Blindly Believe

Smartphones have become something we love so much these days. It has become something we can't live without. Smartphones have been around for than a decade. That's why I would like to disclose on battery myths you blindly believe. It has evolved during times with Blackberry, iPhones and many others which offered more than just stereotyped texting and calls. But even before the phones getting smarter the battery used to last for than a week but these days however we see smartphone users craving Read more [...]

Your Cute Guide to Buying a Smartphones in 2019

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing an android phone. New phones keep arriving in the market all the time. Apple iPhone's may be popular but the android phones give you an enormous choice. Here's a list of 10 best smartphones in 2019 with their prices, sizes, and features. 1. Xiaomi Mi 9 Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone was launched in February 2019.  It’s one of the first smartphones to launch with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, and the first smartphone to support 20W wireless Read more [...]

How to Extend Android Battery Life?

WHAT KILLS THE BATTERY? That “battery low” notification on your phone is so frustrating, especially when it feels like your phone was just fully charged with following to Extend Android battery Life. Regardless of how much you use it, even the best batteries don't seem like they last nearly long enough, and you might find yourself charging it more than once during the day. It's not just those games you secretly play at work,  it's a lot more complicated than you might think. 1. Location Read more [...]