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How to Read iBooks on Windows?

Those who want to read e-books can do so on Apple iBookstore on their computer. However, the iBooks application only works on Apple devices, and won’t work on a desktop version.

If once downloaded, the books from iBookstore are in ePub format, and anyone can read it by using different desktop applications. If you want to read books on your computer, then first transfer the stored files from your iPad or iPhone to your PC.

Sync iBooks

If you select the right options and sync your iPad or iPhone with your PC, then it will place a copy of your books file to the PC. For this, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Connect your iPad or whichever Apple device holds the book
  • Open iTunes on your PC
  • Click on your device, choosing from the options that appear on the screen
  • Don’t click on the upward arrow, or it will disconnect your device
  • Choose the Books option
  • And check the Sync Books option
  • However, if you don’t want all the books to be transferred to your PC, then switch the setting to Selected Books from All books
  • Click on Sync
  • The books are not transferred to Windows

Locate File

  • Wait until the sync process is complete, and then click on Done. Return to the iTunes menu, and change the settings of the library.
  • There will be a drop-down menu, using which you should select ‘Books’.
  • Right-click on the book that you want to read on your Windows, and then select the option of “Show in Windows Explorer”.
  • When Windows Explorer opens, then you can note down the location of the book, and move it to a more convenient location.

Don’t move the book from where it is originally located, because that can cause multiple problems with the iTunes library.

Now, you can use a third-party desktop reader application, and start reading the book. You can install any reader application, which is compatible with the ePub format.

Some of the best and popular choices that you have access to are Calibre, and FB Reader, as they work perfectly with the ePub format.

Problem with iBooks

Even though you have successfully sync the book to your PC, you might face problems opening it.

This is because, some books have Digital Right Management protection, and any third party reading applications are not able to remove this restriction. However, even if they successfully do so, it can be a breach of copyright and other laws; this depends on where you live.

If you love books, then you would love iBooks. It is an application created by Apple, using which you can buy books online, and read them on your phone.

iBooks is available to read on all Apple devices. Even though some people like the way books feel in their hands, others can’t deny the joy that e-books bring them, especially if they travel around most of the year.

You can read e-books on any device, and you don’t have to carry them around. When people buy books or start collecting them, they usually run out of space. Moreover, these e-books are in your device for your life, while the ones in your home might start to turn bad, or pages might be torn.

Kids who love reading books, they will love iBooks because they can read whenever they want to and in full color. iBooks will give you a pleasant experience, and you can read as much as you want. In fact, new books might actually be available on iBooks, before they come to print. Read more: What Does INB4 Mean? You Need To Know

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