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How to Secure Webcam in one minute or less

Webcams are normal equipment on smartphones, tablets, and also notebook PCs as well. Many of the webcams have indicator lights that show when a camera is recording a video.

Although, the hackers can fool the users into installing webcam spyware that will disable the activity light with a software hack or by modification in settings.

Therefore, even when the light is off, the webcam may be recording a video of you, and someone on the internet may be watching you from there.

How to Secure Webcam in one minute or less?

Solutions: Cover it Up

The simplest of solutions to secure Webcam. Now to be sure that no one is watching you by your webcam. Then get some of the electrical tapes and then cover your webcam with them.

  • If you do not want the residue of tape on the camera, then you can use a longer strip of tape and then fold it back. Even the best hacker cannot see you through a tape.
  • If you want to cover more, then roll up a coin in the electric tape so that the weight of that coin is in the tape and keeps it in position over the camera.
  • Now when you want to use that camera.
  • You can simply lift up your coin and then fold it back over the top of the computer screen.
  • If you do not want to cover your camera, then simply close your notebook.
  • When you are not even using your notebook computer then it is better to close it.

That will make sure that you are not on camera.

Scan Your Computer for Webcam Malware

A simple Anti-virus may not catch the webcam-related malware. Even if you have the anti-virus, do install the anti-spyware software as well.

Increase your security by adding second opinion anti-malware that is Malwarebytes or Hitman Pro. This scanner will act as a second layer of defense for your computer and will catch malware that may avoid your anti-virus.

 Disable Your Webcam

  • If you are not planning to use your webcam for some time, then simply disable it.
  • It may not stop a big hacker from watching, but still, it may stop some of the controls from hackers. Because the malware probably won’t enable the cam and install its drivers.

The easiest way to disable a webcam is by going to the Windows Device Manager. Search for Device Manager in the Windows search field.

Device Manager has a list of every hardware connected to your computer. Webcams are mostly listed under the Cameras category, but you may also find them under the Imaging Device category as well.

  • Now when you locate your camera.
  • Right-click on ii.
  • Then select Disable device. Now the windows will ask for a confirmation. Then you may need to restart the computer for the change to be made.


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