How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram

Updated on January 17th, 2022

Instagram is a social platform that helps people to interact with each other. The folks share their posts or work with their followers or followings and communicate with them.

In order to communicate with someone, you must have to check out their interest. If you found their interest attractive it will be a good idea to communicate with them.

How to see who someone recently followed on Instagram?

Instagram account

To check this, you must have to see who someone recently followed on Instagram. In this way, you can find their interest.

But, the question is that “Can you see who someone recently followed on Instagram”? The answer is “Yes”. Now you can easily see who someone followed on Instagram by following simple steps.


  • To check someone’s following, first of all, you’ve to log in to your Instagram account.

see who someone recently followed on Instagram

  • After logging in to the Instagram account, search the profile of the person whose followings you want to check by searching username in the search box.
  • If the account of the person is private, then you will not be able to see the person’s following.

Instagram account

  • For this purpose, you have to add the person to your Instagram account to see the following list.
  • If the account of the person is public then, you can easily view the following list in his/her account.

Instagram account


  • Now tap at the following option.
  • It will show you a list of followed people.

following option on Instagram


  • As the following list appears, click on the order of “sorted by date: latest.

see who someone recently followed on Instagram

It will show you the list of people whom someone has recently followed on Instagram.

  • It is the latest feature of Instagram which helps you to see someone’s recently following on Instagram in three ways i.e sorted by date followed- latest and earliest and sorted by default.
  • Whenever you choose sorted by date followed-latest, you will see the list of the recently followed persons.

By using Snoopreport


It is among the most famous application that helps in tracking Instagram accounts. With the help of Snoopreport, you can easily and quickly view who someone follows on Instagram.

Using this tool to view the following is not complicated. But, you have to follow these simple steps.


  • In the first step, you have to sign up for the Snoopreport.


  • For this purpose, you have to visit its official website and then click on “Get started”.

Get started on Instagram


  • In the second step, you have to complete the signup process.

signup process

  • For completion of the sign-up process, you have to enter the information that is required in the sign-up page.
  • Then, click on Agree to terms and conditions.

SignUp on Snoopreport


  • After completion of the sign-up process, you will be directed to the dashboard of the Snoopreport.

Dashboard Snoopreport


  • Now click on the option of “Add Account” that you can see at the top and then get a subscription. After getting a subscription you have to choose your preferred plans.

subscription on Snoopreport


  • Then you have to click on Add Account and then add the username to know whom he/she recently followed on Instagram.

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