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How to delete the Snapchat messages the other person saved

Snapchat is a messaging app through which you can have fun by sending messages to each other. You can also share images and videos through Snapchat. But, Snapchat has a unique option of saving messages.

Now the other person whom you send a message or snap can save your message. Snapchat instantly notifies you through a notification of a saving message.

You may feel it embarrassing and may want to delete that saved message from another person. If you are thinking of how you can delete that saved message in another person’s inbox then you need not worry.

How to delete the Snapchat messages the other person saved?

Here we have simple steps through which you can successfully delete the saved messages by another person in Snapchat.

By login to your Snapchat account

Snapchat account

In the first step, you have to log in to your Snapchat account.

  • First, open your Snapchat app and then log in to your account by providing the required information.

Snapchat account

  • You have to first log in to your account on both iOS and Android smartphones.

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By Navigation to the Desired chat

The next step is by navigating to the desired chat.

  • Now you have to navigate to the chat containing the saved message in order to delete them.
  • Remember that the message you sent to another person is automatically deleted after 24 hours from both sides. But if the other person saved the message, the message will not delete.

Desired chat

  • So you both have to make sure that you both must not save the messages in chat so that they can delete them after 24 hours.

Tap on “Delete” by long pressing on the message

  • Now long press on the message that you have to delete.
  • Long press on messages will provide you with four options i.e Snap Reply, Unsave in chat, Copy and Delete.
  • Now tap on the “Unsave in chat” to unsave the saved message in your chat.

long pressing on the message

  • This message will automatically disappear in another person’s chat if he/she has not saved the chat.
  • Then tap on the “Delete” option.

Delete chat on Snapchat

Tap on “Okay” after selecting on Learn more

  • Now you have to select Learn more.
  • As you select Learn more, you will receive a pop-up message.
  • After appearing in the pop-up message, tap on “Okay”.

pop-up message on Snapchat

  • As you tap on “Okay” you may return back to the “Delete” option.
  • It may be possible that Snap may delete the message that you sent from both sides. But if the other person is using an old version of Snapchat and has a poor internet connection.
  • Then the message may not be deleted.

Select the “Delete” option

  • Now you have to select the “Delete” option.
  • Deleting the message will automatically delete the message the other person saved in the chat.
  • As you select the “Delete” option, you will receive a pop-up message that shows that you have deleted the message.
  • You must keep in mind that as you delete the message, the other person will also get a notification of deleting the message.
  • After deleting the message, reopen your chat.

delete the message on Snapchat

  • Here you will see a notification “You deleted a chat”. Its means that you have deleted a saved message from you and from the chat of the other person. Here you can unblock someone on Snapchat.


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