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How to send someone’s Snapchat Story to someone else?

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Snapchat story is a feature that was first introduced by Snapchat as a way for Snapchat users to tell their stories visually and imaginatively.

This format has been well received by social media users it has forced Instagram and Facebook to later adapt to this similar function in their app.

Snapchat Stories is intended as a means to share from a user to their group of friends. Although there are some of the Snapchat users who want to create more private Snapchat stories and they only share it with some selected people.

How to send someone’s Snapchat Story to someone else?

There are also Snapchat users who want to send their stories to a single person only.

Some of the major reasons why Snapchat users want to send private Snapchat stories are mentioned below:

Share Secret Places

If you are visiting a place which you do not want most of your friends or people to know. You can then create snapchat stories and only share it with your close friends.

In this way, you would keep the place hidden and secret, as well as you, can share it with your close friends also.

Preparing secret events

You can use the same feature as a way to prepare a secret event with your close friends. This can be a surprise birthday party or any other secret event which can only be shared with your close buddies.

Share private messages

You can also use the Snapchat stories mode as a means to share private messages with your close friends.

Create more personal stories

By limiting the people who can view your stories, you can more bold and creative in creating your personal snapchat stories. You can also share these stories by knowing that he or she will not even anyone about it.

In considering these needs, Snapchat has added the ability of the apps for more customized snapchat stories.

These custom snapchat stories can also be limited to a particular contact and even to a certain group of friends within an identified area.

  • Same to the normal Snapchat stories, the stories will disappear automatically after 24 hours.
  • Though, you can also let the person with who you share your snapchat stories to add their snap also as a reply to your Snapchat stories.

The stories will disappear after you or the person whom you sent it did not put any new snapchat stories after 24 hours.

  • You can save other People’s snaps because of the first update which allows you to actually save and send other people’s snaps directly on the app through the chat feature.
  • You can access this feature by holding down on snap which was either sent to you or which you have seen on someone’s story and then directly share it with someone else.
  • It basically means that you no longer have to take a screenshot of someone’s snap and from there send it, you can now do it through the app itself.
  • The picture appears in the person whom you are sending it to’s chat, so it is easy and convenient for them to reply.

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