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How to Set an Alarm on Mac? New On Mac?

Alarms are very important for those people, who really can’t wake up without them. You need an alarm to wake up, to go to the airport, to pray, or not miss any deadlines on your assignments.

If you are using a Mac, then you can set alarm for tasks, meetings, and anything else that you want to. There are multiple ways of setting an alarm on Mac, through Apple Calendar, and other apps.

How to Set an Alarm on Mac? Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is the perfect way to set alarms for different things on Mac. If you want to set up a one-time alarm, then you have to create an event first. Follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the Calendar app, which you will find in the Launchpad menu
  • Double click the date on which you want to set the alarm for
  • Right-click and choose your preferred time slot
  • Select the option “new event
  • Enter the name of the event you want to create, like ‘morning alarm
  • Enter the date, and time section
  • Enter the time when you want the alarm to ring
  • Then click on None, which is next to alert
  • There is a popup menu, where you can click Custom
  • Click on ‘Message’ next, ‘Message on Sound’ and then choose the alarm chime you want to set
  • Select the number of minutes before the event, when you want the alarm to go off, and then click on OK

This Mac Calendar app will sync with the user’s iPhone and iPad as well so that they don’t have to set up multiple alarms.

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Reminder App

There is a built in reminders app on Mac that you can use, for setting an alarm.

You can set an alarm to go off at a specific time and location. However, a reminder alarm cannot be used as a wakeup alarm, because it is not very loud.

First, open the Reminder’s app, and then click on “Magnifying Glass”; it is in the top right corner of Mac.

  • Type in Reminders, and then choose the “Return” key option.
  • Next, click “+” on the app, and then type in a name for the reminder.
  • It could be “start writing”, or “deadline approaching for math assignment”.
  • Next, click the “I” icon, which is next to the reminder, and then check the box that appears next to “On a Day”.
  • After that, select the day and time for the remainder of the task or event, and then click ‘Done’, so the remainder is saved.

Wake Up Time App

There are built in alarm options on your Mac, but they are limited. Wake up Time app s a free app, which is available in Mac App Store.

When you download this app, it will allow you to set an alarm for a specific time and date, and unless and until you hit the ‘stop’ button, it won’t shut off.

Even when Mac is muted, this alarm will still work, but if Mac is shut off, then it won’t.

This app is very easy to use, and as soon as you download, you can start using it.

Setting an alarm on this app is pretty straightforward, and the users won’t face any problem in waking up on time.

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Online Alarm Clock

If you don’t want to use the built in alarm clock on Mac, then you don’t have to. You can easily use the online alarm clock. For example, you can go to here, which is a free website.

This website allows you to set an alarm, and choose a sound for it. You can set alarms, timers, and even countdowns using this website.

Before you choose any option to turn on the alarm system, make sure that Mac isn’t muted.

If Mac is muted or is shut down, then the alarm won’t work, and you will miss your event. Setting alarms has become necessary, because there are so many things that a person is doing, and they simply forget if they don’t set an alarm for each and everything.

It is best to set alarm for important events, deadlines, birthdays, for waking up and other things that need a reminder.


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