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Ad Stuck While Watching? Skip Ads in Hulu

Are you facing trouble due to an excess of ads on Hulu?

And you are not able to watch movies and videos with real pleasure due to ads.

So here in this article, you will get to know some of the best methods to skip ads in Hulu.

The current day world is much faster and is progressing with technology.

Everybody wants to save their time on the Internet on different websites. You may use websites like Hulu to watch some good movies in your spare time.

Because in their spare time everybody wants to enjoy watching some movies. But there is a big hurdle that snatches your pleasure and wastes your time while using Hulu.

That is the large number of ads that come between your pleasure. You will suffer from these ads during a movie, at the beginning, and during scrolling.

7 Best Ways To Skip Ads in Hulu

This large number of ads not only reduces the amount of your pleasure but also wastes your time. So now the question is how to get rid of these unnecessary ads on Hulu?

So now you will have some 7 best methods to stop ads on HULU while using it. This article will show some best easy methods for removing ads and will also save your time.

Adblock Plus Extension on chrome or browser

If you are using Hulu on chrome and want to remove ads from Hulu for free, then this is the easiest method.

  • You have to go to the chrome store and download an extension Adblock plus from the store.
  • You must know that is not the permanent solution for ad removal.
  • This extension will show you a blank screen during an ad on Hulu. But still, you will get rid of ads’ sound and their irritating scripts.
  • This extension not only works on chrome but also works on other browsers like opera, firefox, etc.

This method gives you temporary relief from seeing ads. But still, it doesn’t save you time because you will blank the page during an ad. And thus you can skip ads in Hulu for free.

Blokada on Android

This method is for Hulu phone users who can skip ads in Hulu. If you are using a Hulu app and want to remove excessive ads from your app then do this procedure.

  • You have to download the Blokada app from the google play store.
  • After launching this app it will automatically remove ads from Hulu and will not stop your movie.
  • The best thing about this app is that it also gives you rid of ads from other websites as well.
  • This app is the best app for skipping ads of any type on your android.
  • This app skips the ad quickly and saves your time during a movie on Hulu.

Enounce MySpeed software

This is one of the best-paid software to skip ads on Hulu.

  • This software increases the skipping time of ads and gives you rid of ads.
  • This ad-skipping software will cost you only 2.99$ for buying a license.
  • Apart from this it also gives a seven-day free trial during which you use their services for free.

The working method of this software is just different from other software.

  • This software forwards the ads on Hulu faster and does not block the ads.
  • As a result, you will get no notices from Hulu regarding their agreement.
  • And you can easily get the benefits of this software for only 2.99$.

Two tab method

  • If you are using Hulu on any browser chrome, opera, firefox, etc.
  • Then you can easily remove ads from your videos with a trick called the two tab method.

This trick is free and it works on any cell phone and browser. For this trick, you have to open two tabs in a browser.

  • After opening the two tabs, you have to open Hulu in both of the tabs.
  • And you have to open the same video, which you are going to watch.
  • If you get an ad in the first tab then you have to switch to the second tab and can easily watch your video without ads.
  • This is the simplest and the easiest method to avoid any kinds of ads on Hulu while watching movies and videos.
  • All you need to know is to learn to switch between two tabs of a browser.

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Refreshing the Browser page

Another fast way to skip ads on Hulu can be done by refreshing the browser page. It doesn’t fully skip the ads but the duration of the ad can be made lower.

  • In this technique, whenever ads appear on Hulu you have to just refresh the browser tab.
  • After refreshing the tab the ad will disappear for a lesser time, and you can enjoy it on Hulu.
  • This is the simplest method to reduce the duration of an ad if you need no extensions and apps for the.
  • All you need to do is to refresh the page quickly when ads appear on the screen.

Web filtering

If you are using wifi then you can use this method to stop ads.

  • For this method, you have to connect your device to wifi.
  • After connecting to wifi you will have to search the default router address in the search bar.
  • Also, search for a web filtering option you have to put this in the web filtering option and then click apply.
  • After clicking on applying you will have to restart the router and you will face no ads.

The above address will be responsible for ad blocks from Hulu automatically.

Premium version of Hulu

By subscribing to the premium version of Hulu, you can also skip some ads. In premium, you will get fewer ads as compared to another free version.

This technique will only cost you 11.99$/month. But it must be noted that you can get rid of all ads with the premium version. You can only remove ads on Hulu in the premium version up to some extent.

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