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5 Best Spreadsheet Apps for Android In 2023

If you are looking for the best spreadsheet app for your Android devices then you have come to the right place because here I have curated the 5 best Spreadsheet apps for Android in 2023 for you.

Stick through the end of the article to know their best features. And see which fits you best.

5 Best Spreadsheet Apps for Android In 2023

5Microsoft Excel

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You all must be aware of Microsoft Excel on your PC but this is an android version of Microsoft excel. It offers complete editing tools that one might find in the older version on their PC. And if anything this Microsoft excel for android is a better version of it. Because it offers many more additional features which make it is the best spreadsheet app for android. All it requires is for you to sign in with your outlook account and that is it.

You can simply start working on the spreadsheet you want. You can create spreadsheets, make tasks list or even do financial analysis.

And it also offers rich formatting tools. It also offers free inbuilt calculation features as well. It also comes with the feature of visual representation of data through charts and graphs to give you a better understanding and help in the analysis of the data as well. This one also lets you review your spreadsheet and edit it as well through your phone.

It also automatically saves all your data on the cloud so that you can access your spreadsheet from anywhere you want. This one also gives you the option to share it with other people and give them access to make edits in your spreadsheet as well.

It is the best application for making and maintaining a spreadsheet from your android phone.

  • Make a task list or even do a financial analysis.

  • Offers rich formatting tools.

  • Offers free inbuilt calculation features.

  • Automatically save all your data on the cloud.

  • The only limitation of this app is that the free version comes with a limited space of storage so to access more space you might want to make a purchase.


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