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How to Stop Someone From Using my Phone Number?

Phone fraud occurs when someone is fooling the number and name displayed on the recipient’s caller ID.

Telemarketers often use the actual local phone number when addressing the area code number because the recipient is likely to respond.

Phishing scams then try to persuade you to buy something or provide personal information.

How to Stop Someone From Using my Phone Number?

Given below are some ways you can stop someone from using your phone number:

Change Your Number

If in doubt, change your phone number. It can be difficult to lose the number of people you’ve spent a lifetime with, but it’s necessary if you’re plagued by deceived people.

To do this, contact your mobile provider.

On Your Voicemail Answering Message, Say You Were Spoofed

To warn people, you can send a reply message to your voicemail stating that your number has been fooled. This will prevent someone who called your fake number from leaving a voicemail and calling you back.

If you are confident that your number has been spoofed, please file a complaint with the FCC. Recently, they have taken more initiative to stop fake phones and calls.

To put it plainly

You can change the number. However, it is important to understand that the people who did this randomly chose their numbers. They didn’t decide to target you. It happened by chance.

They will probably move to another number in a short amount of time. If this happens, everything will be normal for you and it will be annoying to someone else.

  • Well, if you are hit by a lightning strike. If you change your number, your luck is so great that the new number you get is chosen by the telemarketer as your “caller ID”, just as you happened to you now there is a possibility. It’s a very small, small, incredibly small possibility, but I don’t think I’ll accept it.
  • They will soon move to a new number.

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Coming soon. I hope not everyone who knows my number will change. The point is that anyone who blocks it should block the new number within days or hours.

However, if your number is forged to commit a crime, such as blackmail or blackmail, whether cyber or not.

  • To LEA, you are the culprit. However, if you are a victim of personal information theft, there are ways to prove your innocence.
  • Suppose A calls B and cheats on X’s number. So in the case of B, X called him.
  • And it will be reflected in the details of your call like your phone.

Therefore, if you are a victim of personal information theft and feel that LEA has committed a crime, ask LEA to receive the CDR. It proves your innocence.

You can search the internet to determine if they have a list, i.e. a list such as eBay.

In such cases, they must also have a contact person other than the payment details, which could ultimately lead the authorities to them. Also, if the abuse is recorded, I think I will be released from liability.

  • If no illegal activity is committed, they are not ready to investigate.
  • Due to the nature of the PSTN network, the operator couldn’t do anything and couldn’t stop incoming calls from random people
  • Changing the PSTN number (by the operator) is the only (temporary?) The solution to stop annoying incoming calls, but also has some drawbacks (switching stations, notifying contacts, etc.).

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