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How to Take a Screenshot on Nexus 5x?

Do you want to take a screenshot by using your Nexus 5 but you cannot seem to find the button to screenshot from?

Well, that is probably because there is no screenshot button on Google’s flagship smartphone. Take a Screenshot on Nexus 5x in 1 second.

The Nexus 5 comes with some of a few basic physical buttons, which also include a power button and up, down button for volume.

Although, there is an easy and simple workaround that will allow you to take screenshots which I am going to discuss a bit further.

You may also be thinking about why anyone would need to take a screenshot on their mobile devices.

Well, there are a number of reasons and cases in which they may need to take a screenshot, one of which is to report a bug to the app developers.

If you have recently downloaded an app but you cannot seem to get it working right, then you can just take a screenshot of the issue and then send it to the developer of that particular app.

Screenshots are also very useful for showing off your trophies and also tribute in games. Read more: How can I download Unacedemy app on my computer?

How to take a Screenshot on Nexus 5x?

Now, to take a screenshot by using your Nexus 5, just simply pull up the page or screen which you wish to capture the screenshot of and then press the volume down and power buttons both at the same time.

  • After a couple of seconds, you should hear a click sound from your phone, which indicates and shows that you have successfully taken your screenshot.
  • You should also receive a notification at the top of your display screen, which tells us that the image was saved in your phone.
  • Well, sorry if you were expecting more, but that is all it takes to snap a screenshot on the Nexus 5.
  • And yes, of course, there are always those apps available on Google Play which offer you to take screenshots by using those apps.

Some of these apps even come with some of the effective features as well as tools that are not found on the Nexus 5. But if you only want to take the basic screenshot, it is recommended that you use the method which is listed above. It is fast, simple and you do not have to worry about downloading or installing any kind of a third-party application.

How to View a Screenshot on Nexus 5x?

To view a screenshot on the Nexus 5, there is a quick, simple and easy process.

If your Nexus 5 is running on Android 4.4 KitKat or older version, then open the gallery app, and select Album view, and then browse through all of the Screenshots folders ( yes, there is a special folder for the screenshots).

And if your Nexus 5 is running on 5.0 Lollipop version or newer version, then you will need to open the Photos app, which is followed by the Screenshots section.

So, this was the guide that can help you capture your screenshots on your Nexus 5. Hope this article helped you and solved your problem.

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