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How can I download Unacedemy app on my computer?

Unacademy Learning App is an app developed by Sorting Hat Technologies Private Limited. For those who have Google Play, they can easily download this app on their smartphones.

This is the largest learning platform in India, which has become a source of learning. Those who want to take an exam or prepare for it, you can attend live classes using this app, and clear all the doubts that you may have about a subject.

In fact, you can take quizzes, benefit from the practice section, and do much more to ace your exams.

How to download Unacademy on PC?

Before this article further talks about the application, it will discuss the two ways through which you can download this app on your computer.

The best two Android emulators that you can download are BlueStacks and Nox player.

These two emulators are the best, and they can make any app available on Google Play Store, run on your computer. This way, the things that you are enjoying on your smartphone, you will be able to enjoy them on PC as well.

To download BlueStacks or Nox Player, go to their respective websites.

When you are done downloading them, then look for the Unacademy app on the store, install it, and run on your computer. It will work the same way it does on your smartphone, and it will have the same features as well.

One of the reasons why you would want to download this app on your computer, and not on your smartphone is because of the screen size. The screen size of a smartphone is small, and it might not be suitable or comfortable to study for an exam.


Unacedemy app on my computer

Some of the best features from which students can benefit are:

  • Test and quizzes, that happen weekly
  • Performance statistics to see how well you are doing
  • Practice session, to test the preparation as per every topic
  • Notifications for a class, so that people don’t miss any lessons and always stay up to date
  • Students can get access to lecture notes, and recorded sessions of classes
  • You can revisit important topics when you feel like you don’t understand something
  • As this app is on the go, and you can get it on your laptop, you can watch them anytime and anywhere

Many students want assistance in their studies, especially exams. Apps like Unacademy, help them improve their score. They are able to learn more through interactive live classes and can take part in live chat to discuss the problems they face in a subject.

This way, students would be able to learn from the problems of other students, and they won’t miss out on anything important. This is especially important in the case of this pandemic when students are not able to go to their schools, but still, need to continue their education.


With just interactive live classes, students will be able to learn a lot, and they will get the same learning environment that they get in their school. So, do download this app on your computer!


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