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How to Take Screenshot on Laptop Windows 8?

Yup, it is necessary to take a screenshot on laptop Windows 8. Screenshots, sometimes called screen grabs or screencaps, are images that show what’s on your computer’s display.

Screenshots allow you to accurately capture what you see on your screen and share it with others for later reference.

Taking photos, sharing screenshots and photos can be extremely helpful. In fact, some argue that screenshots are the most important thing on the internet. But how can a simple image of your screen be so important?

You see, Screenshots often act as a new age device. Makeup is a way to prove to others that you seeing the crazy things you are seeing. It not only helps you to present your case but also to keep the past.

For example, they can help you catch up on what the website released before the new launch. The awesome information you received a couple of months ago. Even the fun gossip you don’t want to forget.

How to take screenshots on laptop windows 8?

There are many reasons why you might want to take a photo with your Windows 8 computer. You may want to save the top mark of your photo for the future.

Whatever the reason, Windows 8 makes it easy to get photos of your screen. If you are still in window 8, you may be wondering what the screen saver options are. So we divide them down for you.

Method 1: I want options

The most versatile way to extract images from your device screen is the Snipping tool. It’s been included in Windows since the Vista days.

  • The Snipping Tool can be found in the full application list under the windows Accessories section.
  • You can also search for it by charm bar.
  • Once open, click on the New.
  • Then use the cursor to select the part of the screen you want to save.

The snipping tool gives you the option to capture all your screens and individual windows.

From there, you can also use the Snipping Tool to mark the image and save it wherever you like.

Method 2: No options required, just a quick snapshot.

Press and hold the Home button on the front of your Surface. Then press and release the volume down button, as if you were talking about a picture.

  • The screen temporarily dims and then returns to its original brightness.
  • Screenshots are placed in a subfolder of the image folder called Screenshots. If it not already exists, it will be created automatically.

Method 3: I have an external keyboard.

If you are using a computer setup and have an external keyboard.

  • Then you can press the Windows key+ PrtScn to do the same thing as above.
  • Again, the resulting image is saved in your files folder.

Method 4: Old style

If you want to keep it ancient, the PrtScn key alone still gets the job done in Window 8.

  • When you click this button, the desktop image will be copied to the Clipboard so you can paste it into a program.
  • When using Alt+PrtScn together, only individual windows are captured.

How do I take a continuous Screenshot on Windows 8 without a print screen?

  • To use this method, go to the window where you want to take a photo and see if it works.
  • Then press and hold the Alt key and the View key to capture the active screen.

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How do you take a Screenshot on Windows 8 without a print screen?

  • Press the Window key to bring up the Start screen. Now type on-screen keyboard and then click on-screen keyboard in the results list to start the utility.
  • Press the “PrtScn” button to capture the screen and save the image to the Clipboard.
  • Press Ctrl-V to paste the image into the image editor and save it.

Where screenshots are saved from Windows 8?

  • Take a Screenshot.
  • Then save it directly to a folder. Now press the Windows key and the Print Screen button at the same time.
  • Follow the example of the shutdown.
  • And then you will see a temporary darkening of the screen.
  • Go to the Default Screenshots folder, located in Gallery to find your saved screenshots.
  • What is the shortcut key to take a Screenshot in Windows 8?

Use the shortcut key: Alt + PrtScn. You can also take screenshots of active screens. Open the Window you want to download and press Alt+ PrtScn on your keyboard. The screenshot is saved in a clip.

Where is the screenshot saved?

What is the location of the screenshot folders in Windows?

In Windows 8 all screenshots are taken without using a third-party application are saved in the same default folder called Screenshots.

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