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How to Uninstall NVIDIA Drivers? Completely

First, let’s take a look at the NVIDIA drivers. NVIDIA is basically a software that has been developed for NVIDIA graphics to be installed onto the PC for video cards. Fundamentally, not only for NVIDIA cards, as most are manufacturers can literally do so.

Hence, that’s why NVIDIA video cards might refer to all of them. It is also provided with every kind of functionality and apps.

Particularly someone who enjoys playing games and they are looking for launch support daily for the latest games, patches and can pick drivers ready to play that will be too beneficial to the user.

NVIDIA contains features such as graphs, GeForce experiment, the PhysX system software. It’s about optimizing the upgrade drivers and game settings.

How to Uninstall NVIDIA drivers?

There can be some conditions under which the user wants to uninstall the NVIDIA drivers.

First of all, you should download boost mode for safety so that most of the files in NVIDIA drivers might be useful to you and can’t be accessed to uninstall.

Otherwise, there will be a few leftovers and the de-installation process would not be able to finish.

To be in secure mode, follow these instructions:

  • Tap Win+R from the keyboard. Enter MSConfig and select OK.
  • You will have to select the current operating system.
  • Mark the safe box and click OK.
  • You will need to restart your computer for it to operate correctly.
  • Click “MSConfig” again and uncheck the start-up checkbox.
  • You are now able to continue uninstalling the NVIDIA drivers.

There are two methods to uninstall NVIDIA drivers, the first is to uninstall all drivers and the second is to uninstall NVIDIA programs.

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Kick out using the command

Now, if you only want to remove NVIDIA graphics drivers, these are the steps.

  • Open the run command (or press the Win+R knob combination), type “devmgmt. Mac” and click OK.
  • Navigate to the Display Adapters option, right-click on all NVIDIA adapter ads to uninstall the device item.
  • Select the checkbox to Delete all driver software for this device and click Uninstall.
  • This way, all NVIDIA drivers will have uninstalled, however, there may still be NVIDIA driver files in the hard drive.
  • Now, if you want to delete all NVIDIA programs, you will have to get help with the Windows utility.
  • Select Control Panel.
  • Then type “Control” in the Command-Line and click OK.
  • Click Uninstall the program if the display is organized by category option.
  • If the view is sorted by items, simply click on the programs and show the items.
  • Find all NVIDIA entries like GeForce experiment, graphics drivers, and PhysX system software.
  • You will need to delete these one at a time. Because picking all the options won’t help. Click an entry and press Uninstall/ edit option.
  • Confirm the displayed NVIDIA uninstall. Click the OK button.
  • Then restart your computer.

Third-party use

There is an alternate way to uninstall NVIDIA drivers, which is pretty used by a third party.

  • It also offers an opportunity to eliminate all drivers.
  • It is specially designed to delete all NVIDIA driver programs.

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