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How to Unlink Spotify from Google Home

Google Home is the previous name, now it is called Google Nest. It is a line of smart speakers by Google under the brand of Google Nest.

This enables the users to speak in voice commands to interact with the services given by Google Assistant, which is also the company’s virtual helper.

Google Home

These speakers have both in-house and also third-party services, which allows the users to listen to the music. They can also control the playback of the videos or photos. Moreover, they can also receive news updates of them by voice.

Devices of Google Nest also have combined support for home automation. This allows the users to control smart appliances with their voice which are used in the home.

The first of these devices is the Google Home, released in the United States in November of the year 2016. Later on, the devices releases occurred worldwide from the year 2017.

From the software updates to Google Nest devices and Google Assistant, more and more functionality is there in the devices.

For instance, you can set up multiple speakers for synchronization playback of the music. There is an update in April 2017 that supports multi-user, allowing the device to differentiate between the users up to six people by voice.

In May 2017, there was an announcement from Google about multiple updates. The updates include hands-free phone calling that is free of cost in Canada and the USA. And also proactive reminders before the scheduled events.

Moreover, visual responses on mobile devices or Chromecast enabled televisions too. It also introduced Bluetooth audio streaming, and the capability to add reminders and calendar appointments as well.

The release date of Google Home Speaker in November of the year 2016. Google Home shape is cylindrical with the colored status of LEDs on the top.

How to unlink Spotify from Google Home?

You can use the Google Voice Match if you want to add more Google accounts to your device which you can link to your device to more of the Spotify accounts.

Or if you want to unlink your existing Spotify account just follow these simple steps to unlink your Spotify from Google Home.

  • First of all, In the Google Home app, tap on the ‘Account’ shown on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then, tap on Settings.
  • Now, tap on ‘Music’ that is just under service.
  • Tap on ‘UNLINK’.
  • After that, you can also link a new Spotify account if you want to.


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