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Introducation of Vidity: 4K Ultra HD Now

Vidity is a consumer product of The Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA).

The Consortium of vidity includes the following:

  • The founding members of 20th Century FoxHome Entertainment
  • Warner Bros Home Entertainment
  • Western Digital
  • SanDisk

all of them is a group that gives you an important clue as to what Vidity is all about.

Vidity tells its purpose in its own words, offering “the ultimate in entertainment, bringing unprecedented quality and digital usability together, delivered to a variety of options that replace the 4K Ultra HD home theater to integrate smartphones that don’t need to have the internet connection to play again.”

In other words, Vidity is a program that allows you to download high-quality content for future movies to enjoy offline – the preferred system for most AV fans in the most widely used 4K streaming system.

Features of Vidity

Download Benefits

After all, with the explanation that people who download the film can watch it without fear of interruptions in areas where internet access is poor, the Vidity method means that the quality you see does not depend on the speed of your broadband connection.

With Vidity you can have just 1Mbps broadband speed and be able to enjoy quality like 4K UHD film on your TV or smartphones.

As long as you do not think about the required Vidity file that takes hours to download to your Vidity-approved storage device.

Vidity platform is also providing another feature, which is how one purchase can give you many levels of resolution, so from beginning screen to advance, so your file views are always automatically adjusted to the visual you see.

Method to purchase vidity

Your first step is to purchase a Vidity digital movie file from an authorized Dealer. This then allows you to download the theme to a Vidity-enabled storage device, or instead of this  “open” a pre-stored theme in the hard drive package you purchased, such as the recently launched “Western Digital My Passport Cinema system.”

Once you have downloaded or unlocked your purchased theme on the hard drive or directly on your gaming device, you can move your collection of movies freely among your other devices, be it TVs, smartphones, laptops, or computers.


The biggest obstacle to getting Vidity wide access may be the amount of kit you will need to enjoy the full Vidity experience. You will need a Vidity compatible device, smart TV, mobile phone, tablet, or PC.

You will need Vidity-compatible storage, either built into your watch device or an external hard drive.

Your content will need to be compatible with Vidity, and come from an authorized Vidity reseller.

And finally, your Smartphones, tablets, PCs, and smart TVs will need to have Vidity compatible hardware or processors.

  • If you are wondering what exactly we mean by “Vidity compliance,” this term is used to describe a consumer electronic device, storage device, or encrypted content file with a Vidity Owner Content Protection System.

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Vidity Titles

At the time of writing, Vidity titles are available for download via the M-Go app on Samsung Ultra HD TVs.

However, the popularity of Vudu, Kaleidescape, LG, Universal, Comcast, Qualcomm, Toshiba, Wuaki. tv and Sprint are also in line with the core Vidity quartet of Fox, Warner Bros, Western Digital, and SanDisk, so it is likely to launch Vidity which is related to their products at some point.

  • The “My Passport Cinema drive” provides a great example of how the Vidity approach can deliver a 4K UHD experience without the need to download or stream large files.
  • It is a 1TB hard drive that contains pre-loaded 4K Ultra HD movies that can be “opened” by paying for each theme via the M-Go website.
  • When the unlock is complete you will be able to play the selected theme instantly from the hard drive.

You can download more 4K UHD movies to this drive from M-Go and, finally, other Vidity resellers.

The promotion at the time of writing offers buyers the latest Samsung 2015 TV ‘SUHD’, JS9000 and above, including UN65JS9500, to open two films for free.


  • A few film titles are available on “My Passport Cinema drive” in even the new high-resolution format and 4K UHD on compatible TVs.
  • All that will come as music to the ears of lovers of image quality is the exhaustion of the long-term lack of easily accessible 4K content.

There is a possibility that Vidity suffered at the hands of Ultra HD Blu-ray when it started. Until then, however, Vidity is an effective 4K UHD medium for millions of people out there who are not blessed with Broadband 4K Broadcast-friendly speed.

And in fact, even if Ultra HD Blu-ray emerges, the fact of Vidity most of helps you from extra discs and allowing you to easily transfer your files between devices should ensure it continues to build a healthy user base as long as it works well enough to make people know its existence.

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How to tell if your TV is vidity compliant?

The easiest way to know that whether the TV you buy is vidity compliant or not, is to look at the packaging box where there are details of the device.

  • Moreover, you can also get an idea from the pixel.
  • Also, you can see the 4K written on the box or package in bold font, which means it is vidity compliant.

How to watch vidity 4k movies on any 4K tv?

  • We all can watch vidity 4K movies on any 4K tv by purchasing an account or maybe you can also be made your own account with money.
  • The amount depends on the screen or time limit you want to buy.

How to download vidity on Samsung tv?

  • If you are a Samsung device user and you want to download vidity on your Samsung device.
  • Then you should just go to the app store or google play store and search download vidity and get it into your device.
  • You can also get this via Bluetooth from anyone else’s device and enjoy watching the 4K movies.

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