How to Add Games to SNES Classic Mac

Once you have the games you need, the next step is to set up the software you need.

How to Add Games to SNES Classic Mac

You can also use the hack to add games to the NES Classic Edition by following the same steps.

  1. Connect the SNES Classic to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure the console is turned off and, if possible, connect an HDMI cable to your TV so you can track your progress.
  2. Get the latest version of Hakchi2 from Github. Download the zip file and extract the contents to your computer.
  3. Open hakchi.exe (the icon looks like an NES driver). If you are prompted to download additional files and restart your device, reopen hakchi.exe after the restart.
  4. Select SNES (USA/Europe).
  5. Select Add Game and select the ROM you want to add to the SNES Classic. You can upload a .SMC file or a zip file that contains it.
  6. Select the uploaded game from the custom game list to add boxing art. Select Google to get images directly from Google.
  7. In the Hakchi 2 window, select Kernel > Install / Repair and select Yes when asked if you want to update your custom kernel.
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen. If it does not install automatically, you will be prompted to install the required drivers.
  9. When you’re done, select Sync selected games with NES / SNES Mini. You will be asked to make sure that the custom kernel has already been updated.
  10. Once the game file is loaded, disable SNES Classic and disconnect from your computer.
  11. Reconnect the SNES Classic power supply and turn on the console. New games will appear in the directory titled “New Games” in the list, along with the preloaded titles.
  12. Reconnect the console to your computer to load more games in the future and select the game you selected in NES / SNES Mini. You don’t have to update your custom kernel every time.

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Finding ROMS for the SNES Classic

How to Add Games to SNES Classic Mac

How to Add Games to SNES Classic Mac

Players have been using emulators and ROMs for decades to play their favorite retro titles, but the legitimacy of such practices is questionable.

That said, you can easily find the ROMs for most SNES libraries online. The SNES Classic has about 200MB of internal storage, providing ample space for dozens of ROMs.

Boxing generally takes up more space than games, so skip boxing if you want to load more titles.

Note: ROM is a file type, not a file extension. SNES ROMs usually have a .SMC extension, but if you have a ZIP file with ROMs, you can upload the entire compressed folder to the console.

Hakchi allows you to add ROMs for other consoles to your SNES Classic, but the game doesn’t work. Some SNES games released exclusively in Japan will also not work.

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