How To Uninstall League Of Legends?

uninstall League Of Legends

If you have lost too many parts of this games, then you might want to uninstall League Of Legends for some time. Not everyone finds with losing games, and getting away from such stress is alright. Another reason why you might want to uninstall this game is that it is very addictive. At times people … Read more

How to Uninstall World of Warcraft?

uninstall World of warcraft

For those who play World of Warcraft daily, they call it WoW. Would like to know how to uninstall World of warcraft? This is not only a multiplayer game, but players can role play in it. It is set in the Warcraft universe and is developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Gameplay In this game, the player … Read more

How to Change Netflix Region With VPN

Rid of Timed Text on Netflix

When you pay for a service, you want the best out of it, right? What happens when you don’t get the same shows on Netflix, which a person living in another country is getting? This would be quite an infuriating point for you. This is where the magical VPN comes in. Virtual Private Network has … Read more

How to Watch Netflix From Other Countries?

For those who watch movies and TV shows on Netflix, they should know that they don’t get the same content as other countries. The Netflix that runs in Japan would have different content compared to the Netflix that runs in India. The Indian Netflix won’t have the same shows or movies, as Japan’s Netflix. This … Read more

How to Hide Mouse Cursor Windows 10

install windows 10 from USB

For as long as people have been using PCs and laptops, they have been using cursors and pointers as they are indispensable tools. Who would like to hide the mouse cursor using Windows 10? They are used for interacting with the computer, but at times the user would want them to disappear. This is specifically … Read more

How to Change Steam Username and Password?

Change Steam Username and Password

If you are someone who loves to play games with other players on the internet, then Steam is the best place for you. First, let’s know to change the steam username and pass. It is a place where you can play, discuss, and create games. When you enter the official website, you get to see … Read more

How to Fix Minecraft Not Responding

Unlock the Izanami Forge in Black Armory Destiny 2

Minecraft is a game developed by Mojang, and despite its old-fashioned graphics, it is still played by thousands of players all over the world but it required to fix Minecraft not responding. It is available for PC, Android, and iOS. For those who have never played Minecraft, the following are some of the features that … Read more

How to Change Language on Fortnite PS4

Connect Your Computer To Your PS3

Fortnite is such a popular game that, every country would want to play it in their own language. So, the main reason is to how to change the language on fortnite ps4. There are many reasons for Fortnite’s popularity. It has fast-paced mechanics and really cool graphics. Those who like survival games would love this … Read more

How to Remove Hardcoded Subtitles In Max Player / VLC?

If you start reading subtitles, then you can watch more content. Most people don’t like to read subtitles, which limits them to only one culture and genre. So, they would like to remove hardcoded subtitles In Max Player / vlc? There are two kinds of subtitles; hardcoded and soft subs. In hardcoded subtitles, the text … Read more