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You Need Safety? Here’s The 9 Best Video Doorbells 2024

Want to pair video doorbells with your monitored security system? Many video indoor cameras need to avoid trouble, and if that happens, you’ll need to turn off your power.

Whoever you are, whatever kind of person, the security of your home is always at the top of your mind getting the most attention and most worry out of your mind, right?

To provide all the security to your house, video doorbells are a great choice to make and the most innovative with the latest technology and latest features.

If you guys don’t know what video doorbells are, then there is nothing to worry about at all, because you guys know that I got your back 24/7 guys.

Video Doorbells

These video doorbells are a somewhat new smart home category product.

These are the kind of extra pair of eyes and ears that is needed very important to protect your home. But these video doorbells closely extend beyond the standard home security cameras that a lot of people have been using recently.

Video doorbells are what the name itself says; they are some doorbells that come with built-in security cameras.

With a video doorbell installed at your home, you will always know who and what is at your doorstep.

As any of your guests, family member, or any person will ring the buzzer on this video doorbell of yours just like a normal doorbell, you will get an instant push alert on your smartphone that is connected to this video doorbell and a video look as well to look and inspect who is at your doorstep.

Then, with the help of these video doorbells, you can also have a chat with your guest via a built-in speaker and a microphone on this video doorbell.

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Some of these video doorbells work with smart locks as well, which allows you to unlock the door and let your guest in without any physical activity of yours like going and opening the door for your guest.

You can avail all of these features provided by these video doorbells not only when you are at home, but no matter where ever you are.

For example, if you are in the backyard of your house and you see the push alert on your smartphone that any guest is at your doorstep, then you can just talk to them directly through your smartphone and tell them to wait until you come back or with some models, you can even unlock the door for them without coming to the door yourself.

For a safe and secure home, these high technology features in a video doorbell not only make it a device that is nice to have, but it is a device that is a must to have now.

There is no doubt about the fact that these video doorbells surely provide some very impressive and handy features that everyone will appreciate for sure.

Let me tell you about the features that video doorbells provide to their users.

Features Of Video Doorbells

Motion detection

Most of the video doorbells pair with your smartphones and the manufacturer’s application to provide notifications to the users.

One of the most important sensors of these video doorbells is the PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) motion detector that is determined by the infrared lights for people or objects within its view.

Once a motion is detected by the sensor of these video doorbells, this smart technology will alert you through the application with a notification on your smartphone for your ease and convenience.

Easy installation procedure with auto-theft detection

These video doorbells are installed in any one of the two ways. Whether these video doorbells are battery operated or they connect to the existing doorbell at your home but this way will take a little bit of rewiring to connect.

These video doorbells are not very easy to remove in order of any theft. Most of the video doorbells are installed with a security screw to avoid tampering so nobody can mess up these video doorbells once you install them completely.

Most of the models of these video doorbells send a mobile notification to the user to alert them when that video doorbell is being removed or is removed completely.

Night vision

The cameras of most of the models of these video doorbells use infrared lights to show who is at your doorstep even at night when it is dark outside.

Infrared light used in these video doorbells often lights up the person at your doorstep in black and white color to provide you more light and a clear view of the person rather than relying on a balcony or street light.

Make sure you buy a video doorbell that has this night vision feature included to have great safety and see the person who comes to your doorstep.

Multi-user functionality

All the families including yours and mine have more than one loved one who can answer the door for you.

That is why this multi-user functionality provides access to both the kids and parents to receive notifications from the video doorbell and also the capability to answer the video doorbell through their smartphones without any additional fees.

Most of the popular video doorbell models send notifications to the other users as well when someone from your family answers the doorbell on behalf of the family.

Suppose if you are not ready to provide permission to control this video doorbell using an application, then many of the options include inside home control panels to see who is at your doorstep.

Video storage

If you guys want to record your video doorbell’s day-to-day footage and activity, then there is no doubt about the fact that it will take a lot of your storage space.

There are two common options that you can take to store your video doorbell’s photos and videos. One of those two common options is to use cloud storage, and the second way is to use a memory card that depends on the provider and how large a size memory card you want to provide.

Weather resistance

As you guys know that you cannot predict the weather and it can change at any moment.

Make sure that the video doorbell you are about to buy should be weatherproof to withstand heavy rain, humidity, and some extreme temperatures which are likely to harm other devices.

So to save your money, make sure that the video doorbell you are looking for is weather resistant.

You Need Safety? Here’s The 9 Best Video Doorbells 2024

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Best Video Doorbells

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This video doorbell stands at the first position in this list of some of the best video doorbells in the UK.

This Nest Hello video doorbell provides you with a lot of great and impressive features, such as a facial recognition feature and the video quality of this video doorbell is just amazing. Image source: here

The Facial recognition feature on this Nest Hello video doorbell allows you to know who is at your doorstop by name and it is very smart as it also can distinguish between people and cars.

With this very smart Nest Hello video doorbell, you can also adjust and separate the field of view into multiple zones, and this helps you customize the notifications as well.

  • Video quality is great

  • Integrated Google Assistant

  • Flexible scheduling

  • Facial recognition feature

  • It uses a lot of bandwidth to upload a video

  • It required a hardwired connection setup

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Best Video Doorbells

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This product here stands on the second number in this list of some of the best video doorbells without a subscription.

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is considered the best video doorbell for homes or such locations where there is no power already, just because this video doorbell entirely, completely runs on battery power.

Well, you are still getting the same ability as the Ring Pro’s to share videos with your neighbors, as well as the very affordable video storage fees from Ring.

If you choose and want to go with this Ring Video Doorbell 2, then I recommend you also pick up the optional Ring Chime device which is about $27 in price. With that device, you will be able to hear the doorbell inside the house.

  • It is inexpensive

  • Customizable motion zones

  • Great video quality

  • Works battery-powered or wired

  • It has a lower resolution than other video doorbells

Arlo Video Doorbell

Best Video Doorbells

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Arlo Video Doorbell is designed to deliver both the video and audio at a very high quality, whether it is day or night. This video doorbell features both, a person and any package detection as well.

Application for Arlo includes a ton of features, but some of those features such as motion sensitivity are very difficult to find. What’s more is, that this video doorbell has to be hard-wired, and remember that it only works with Alexa at the moment.

A fact about this Arlo Video Doorbell is that for availing of most of the smarter features, including the video storage and others, you will have to sign up for a subscription, only then you will be able to use those smart features.

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  • Video and audio quality is great

  • Can detect person, package, and animal

  • Feature-packed application

  • It requires a subscription for most features

  • Hard-wired only

August Doorbell Cam

Best Video Doorbells

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This August Doorbell Cam is one of the best video doorbells in Australia that I have searched for you because this video doorbell has a very clever feature that is called “HindSense”.

This HindSense feature includes a couple of seconds of video before any kind of motion is detected from this August Doorbell Cam. This means that this video doorbell is more able to capture any person the moment as they only approach your door.

Though the video quality of this August Doorbell doesn’t contain the highest resolution the footage it recorded was clear enough to catch and provide you with people’s faces.

As you can see that this August Doorbell Cam doesn’t look like a traditional doorbell so many guests don’t even press it, they just simply knock on the door.

  • Application and the hard drive itself both are designed very well

  • HindSight feature captures the video before the motion alarm is triggered

  • It easily works with many smart home systems

  • It integrates with smart locks and keypads as well

  • Cannot set motion zones

  • The cloud costs are relatively expensive

  • The field of view is narrow

Ring Peephole Cam

nest video doorbell

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If you got a peephole in your front door, well, that’s all you need to install the Ring Peephole Cam (it is formerly known as the Door View Cam).

The second one is the large, white plastic that fits on the back of the door, and it helps hold the battery and the back of the peephole.

The battery which runs the camera has a large 6,040 mAh capacity and it can be charged with a USB cable, Ring does not provide you with estimated battery life, but I think it to be between 20 and 40 days, depending on how much you use it.

  • It is simple to install, replacing an existing peephole viewer

  • It has good video quality

  • This one is put together with the existing Ring app and devices

  • It also works with Alexa

  • It needs to be recharged every month, depending on the usage

  • The storm door can black night view

  • It does not work with Google Assistant

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

nest video doorbell

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The Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro is suitably named because it lets you have the most control over what the camera is watching.

The app makes you specify exactly which parts of the field of view will trigger motion alerts, which permits notifications that are more grainy than the other camera, and it makes this cam one of the best video doorbells.

As that power comes with a little extra complexity in the setup process, it is still possible to get the Pro up and running without professional help.

That slim design makes the Ring Pro much more like a “regular” doorbell, but unluckily, its setup is also more of a complicated one.

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  • It lets you customize the motion alerts

  • It has a sleek design

  • This one offers sharp 1080p video

  • It offers useful community features

  • The setup needs an extra Pro Power

  • It has a kit installation

Eufy 2K Video Doorbell

nest video doorbell

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Do you want a video doorbell but don’t want to spend too much money? The Eufy Security 2K video Doorbell (wired) by Anker offers a low-cost way to install a video doorbell in place of your existing, wired doorbell.

It is a wired doorbell, which means that Eufy’s offering needs a 19-volt AC wired power source. If you have a traditional doorbell, you possibly already have one of these powering it, and the Eufy can mostly use this with a little simple rewiring.

  • It has good video quality

  • Offers an easy-to-use app

  • It works with Alexa and Google Assistant

  • There is a doorbell chime included

  • Offers built-in storage

  • The cloud video storage needs a subscription

  • It needs a wired connection

  • It does not support multiple users

RemoBell S

nest video doorbell

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This new RemoBell S is a much slimmer device that gives you on-demand HD video, free could recording, support for Alexa and Google voice commands, and interoperability with other smart home devices using the IFTTT applets.

Even though the RemoBell S uses your existing doorbell wiring, it is still easy to install and deliver sharp video and offers responsive motion detection, and is priced at 99 dollars which is hard to beat.

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  • It is affordable

  • Offers sharp HD video

  • Motion detection is available

  • Free cloud storage

  • It works with Alexa and Google voice commands

  • Easy to install

  • It needs wiring

  • Video is recorded in a fisheye mode

August Doorbell Cam Pro

nest video doorbell

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With the Doorbell Ca Pro (199 dollars), August has added a few other nice features, which include Hindsight, which uses the pre-buffering to capture 10 seconds of activity before a motion event occurs, and a neat tiny floodlight feature that lights up the video feed at night.

In the middle of the button is a backlit August logo on it which acts as a mini-floodlight when motion is detected or when the button is pressed.

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The camera has a 1280 x 960 resolution and a 120-degree field of view, and it uses the embedded floodlight to offer full-color video at night.

  • It offers an excellent HD video quality

  • Has a clear two-way audio

  • Works with other devices

  • Offers motion detection

  • Easy to install

  • It needs a subscription to view recorded video

  • There is no IFTTT integration


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