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How to Change Languages on Roku

In this guide, we will tell you how to change languages on Roku. Roku is a great and one of those simple tools that you can use to stream the content on your TV. Roku devices also provide you with a lot of options that you can use, some of them include subtitle languages, size, and style as well.

These options are very easy to use and personalize and they can be very much beneficial. It depends on the type of program that you are watching.

Here is how you can change the settings of your language on a Roku device.

Languages Supported on a Roku Device

Firstly, Roku devices have a large number of available language options that you can use. Moreover, a number of various scripts are also there, which is a great touch.

How to change the subtitle language on a Roku Device

As I said earlier, there are many languages that are available on Roku devices, and this also applies to subtitles as well.

  • Firstly, from the Main Menu on your Roku device home page, go to Settings.
  • Secondly, go to System.
  • After that, find the Language option in the list.
  • This will now open up a list of the subtitle languages on your device. Now just scroll until you find the language that you understand and click OK.

Additional Ways to change languages on Roku

In default settings, most of the Roku devices are set to the English language. Although, if your Roku stick is not in English and you want it to be in English.

  • Then you can simply do the factory reset to fix that easily.
  • Just hold the button that is on the side of your stick for 20 to 30 seconds and then release it.
  • This only works if your stick is on and plugged in.
  • This is the fastest way to reset it to the factory settings.

For an alternative, you can try:

  • Hit the Home button and then press the UP arrow button.
  • The settings screen will pop up.
  • Regardless of whichever language is set on Roku, just hit OK to choose it.
  • Now, click the up arrow one more time and you will go to System options.
  • Click on OK, then press the down arrow two times, and then click OK.
  • This will open the Language options screen.
  • Now the top language on the list must be English.
  • Just select that and confirm it by pressing the OK button.


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