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How to Change Your Email on Instagram?

If you don’t want to lose the data you have, but you want to change your Instagram email address, then it is possible.

Some of the reasons why people change their email addresses include their account being hacked, forgetting password, or simply choosing another email address, because the current one is no longer in their use.

When signing in, most people would use their fake email address. However, this could be a major concern for the future, because if someone else is trying to log in to their account, they will never get an email regarding it.

Moreover, if your Instagram account is linked to an account that you don’t use, then it is best to change it, so that you receive the necessary notifications.

Change your Email Address

  • If you are using an Instagram app on your smartphone, you can still change your email address. First, open your Instagram profile, and then tap on the “Edit Profile” section.
  • Type in your email address, which usually shows up in ‘private information
  • Make sure that the email address you have inserted is in use
  • Tap done once you have typed the email address
  • When you have changed your email address, you will get a confirmation of it on the address you have typed
  • Open the email, and click on the confirmation link
  • The process is now complete, and you have changed your email address successfully

You need to click on the confirmation link that is sent to your email address; otherwise, the email won’t be confirmed.

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  • If you want to change your email address, but you don’t want to log in, then go to Instagram log in page, and tap on “forgotten password”.
  • Before you that, make sure that you have your phone and access to the last email address that Instagram has record of.
  • Then tap on “need more help”, and go back to Instagram login, enter your username, and phone number, and Insta will take you to a page where you can change your password.
  • Follow all the instructions, until it takes you to a page where you can confirm your email address.
  • Enter the new email address, and then click on confirm. In most cases, Instagram also asks for your phone number, that you input when you were signing up for it.

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Why give an Email Address?

To remain anonymous, most people don’t give their cell phone number and email address to Instagram.

Most of the time, they give a bogus email address to Insta, and don’t confirm their account. They keep on using it for as long as they can. However, this is a disadvantage for the user, and not for Instagram.

If someone tries to hack your Instagram account, or change your password, Instagram sends you an email address looking to confirm whether it is you or someone else.

However, if you have given a bogus email address, then this step would backfire, and you won’t know that someone else is accessing your information.

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If someone tries to hack into their account, then Instagram sends them an email. Moreover, people send each other private messages on Instagram, and don’t want others to read those messages. In such a case, it is best to give a proper email address, which you use on a daily basis. This way, your account will stay safe and secure.


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