How to Check Power Supply on PC in Windows 10?

When it comes to diagnosing computer problems, the power supplies mises.

If your computer encounters a problematic drive error, Blue Screen of Death crashes or obviously will not open. You may be facing the wrong power supply.

Run these quick tests before you start pulling out the expensive hardware.

Testing whether it unlocks the power

Turn off your computer. When the computer does not start, flip the button on the back of the power supply. Disconnect the outlet.

Open your computer case. Disconnect the power supply cables on all items inside the case. Follow each line from the power supply to the component to make sure everything connects with it correctly.

Do a paper clip experiment. You can use a piece of paper to help check your power supply. To do this, align the paperclip and fold it into a β€œU.”

  • This paperclip will serve as anchors embedded in the power supply that gives it a “Power ON” signal.

Get a 20/24 Pin connector that usually attaches to your computer’s motherboard. It is usually the main connector for the power supply.

Find the green pin and the black pin (15 and 16 pins). You will be placing the paperclip ends on the green pin and the neighboring black pin. Before doing so, double-check to ensure that it disconnects the power supply.

  • The green pin is usually the 15th on the pin chart.

Enter a paperclip

  • Once you have inserted the paperclip on each pin, place the cable somewhere not to be disturbed.
  • Connect the power supply again to the store, then install the back switch.

Check out the follower

  • When the power goes out, you should be able to hear and see the fan moving.
  • This will let you know that the electricity is working at least.
  • If the power does not turn on at all, check your pins (after disconnecting) and try again.
  • If it does not open, it may be dead.
  • This will not show you if the electric current is working correctly, that it is on. You will need to do the following test to make sure it comes outright.

Result Testing

Check the output with software

If your computer is running and you can load your operating system, try using software to check your power outages.

  • If your computer is not working, skip to the next step.
  • Turn off the power button after the power supply.
  • Turn on the computer and disconnect all components from the power supply.

Using power supply test unit

These are available online and in computer stores and are relatively inexpensive. Get a 20/24 pin connector on the power supply.

This is with the most significant power supply cable.

  • Connect the power supply again to the store and open it. Turn on the power supply, and your power supply checker will light up.
  • Some power supply inspectors require you to turn on the power supply using the switch or button on the tester. Some will open automatically.
  • Check the voltages. The 20/24 pin connector will have a lot to read, but there are 4 essential steps you need to consider:
  • +3.3 VDC
  • +5 VDC
  • +12 VDC
  • -12 VDC

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Check out some connectors

  • Once you have made sure that the main connector is discharging correctly.
  • Check each of the connector wires one by one.
  • Disconnect and turn off the power supply during each test.

Using Multimeter

Align the paperclip and fold it into a “U” shape. Find the green pin on the 20/24 connector. Attach the paperclip to a green pin (pin 15) and other black neighboring pins.

  • Connect the power supply again and turn it on.
  • Get a pinout charging pinout chart. This will let you know which pins give you what the voltages are.
  • Set your multimeter to the VBDC setting. If your multimeter does not have a default range, put the distance to 10V.
  • Connect a false multimeter probe to the (black) pin on the connector.
  • Connect the search query to the first pin you want to check. Write a note of the electric current shown.
  • Check the values ​​to make sure they fit under the tolerance threshold. If there is an option other than the tolerance range, the power supply may not work.

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