How To Download YouTube Subtitles in SRT Format

YouTube has vanquished the online world, without a doubt. A bottomless wellspring of content, music, videos, playlists, channels, in addition to your likely gateway to fame.

One of the minuscule “grains of salt”, one could contend, is the absence of capacity to download videos and subtitles.

Non-copyrighted videos can be downloaded utilizing programs, for example, Free Video Downloader.

To download YouTube subtitles, we have gathered ways (manually, on the web, disconnected) and tools (web utilities, programming) to help you out.

How To Download YouTube Subtitles in SRT Format?

Any of the anticipated methods should start with these concise steps since it is universal and will help to maintain a strategic distance from the run of the mill errors.

1. Check for subtitles in the video. Before you attempt to download YouTube subtitles, ensure they are accessible. To do this, check if the “CC” button is accessible at the bottom under a video. Its absence implies that it will be difficult to get subtitles.

2. Copy the page URL. Select the full page URL, at that point right-click it and pick Copy.3. Select a strategy for subtitling from our rundown. We have selected the best administrations, programs, and tips to get subtitles.

Option 1. Web administrations.

Take DVDVideoSoft as an example. This is a simple to-utilize administration

that only requires the YouTube connect.

It has two key advantages: similarity with most mainstream programs, and the capacity to select edit subtitles before downloading.

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Here is how to utilize DVDVideoSoft to download YouTube subtitles:

  1. Copy and paste (embed) a connection to a video from YouTube.
  2. Click Download and sit tight for it to wrap up.
  3. Utilize the Preview field at the bottom to check the received text.
  4. To change the language, click the relating box underneath. Close to it is the Interval area, allowing to get subtitles for a particular period in a video. If it’s not too much trouble note that for one download you can only set one span.

Download YouTube Subtitles

  1. Abrogate timestamp settings, if necessary. There are 3 options accessible: Remove timestamps (without it), Original timestamps (displays all timestamps for all expressions), Custom timestamps only (displays timestamps only at a specified span, for example, at regular intervals).
  2. Select a technique for subtitling. DVDVideoSoft has 3 ways to get subtitles: copy organized text to the clipboard, download in TXT design, and download in the SRT group. To select one of those, utilize the dark buttons toward the finish of the page.

Another online assistance for downloading subtitles is SaveSubs. Shockingly, caption customization isn’t accessible, so timestamps will be available in the last document.

The fundamental bit of leeway is the capacity to download caption interpretation (Google Translate) in only a few clicks. Here is how SaveSubs functions:

  1. Addition a YouTube video URL into the objective field. At that point click Extract and Download.
  2. Look down and download the subtitles in a game plan of choice (SRT or TXT) using the Download Now button.
  3. If you likewise want to receive caption interpretation, select the ideal language, and click Translate and Download in the interpretation tool.

YouTube videos subtitles

Option 2. Special programming

If you’d like to have a perpetual tool on a desktop, Google2SRT is an alternative. It is a free utility that is very utilitarian, notwithstanding the way that it is still in beta testing.

In addition to URLs, it additionally recognizes XML records. It has 11 interface dialects and an auto-interpretation includes. Lamentably, the source document is accessible only in SRT design.

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So to download subtitles do the accompanying:

  1. Download the application utilizing this connection and introduce the program. If it shows the JRE blunder message, download and introduce Java.
  2. Dispatch Google2SRT, paste a URL in the Google Subtitles field and press Read
  3. To select a folder, press Browse Browse to subscribe. In the table with detectable subtitles, toggle all that you want to download and click Go.
  4. Open the selected folder to find a subtitle file.

Option 3. Download YouTube subtitles manually

Utilizing YouTube highlight (Transcript). In YouTube itself, there’s a method to get text subtitles legitimately on the page of a specific video. It makes it simple to get to the source of the sub, yet somewhat hard to copy text. So this is what you do.

  1. On the page with the video, click the button for cutting-edge options. It is situated in a succession of additional buttons under the video and looks like three flat dabs.
  2. Click Open Transcript to open an extraordinary window with subtitles on the right.
  3. Click on the choices button at the top to turn timestamps ON or OFF, and change the language (if important) in the lower-left bit of the window.
  4. Select all text in the translation window, as in a simple text record (left click).
  5. Copy the text and paste it into any record to spare thereafter.

#2 Utilizing Chrome Developer tools. This technique ought to be utilized only if all the past ones were ineffective.

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It permits you to get text subtitles, yet with additional time and exertion than with different methods. Likewise, note that for the right outcomes it is ideal to open a video in another tab.

  1. In Google Chrome, on the video page, press F12 to open the designer tools.

download YouTube videos subtitles

  1. Select the Network tab and click to empower subtitles (CC button).
  2. In the table, discover the line name starting with “timed-text” and click on it to show the pecking order of caption components.
  3. At that point in the components chain of importance, open the Events segment and select the subsection “0” and there select “segs” where the “0” subsection must be clicked. This will be the principal line of subtitles, copy it into a different text record.
  4. To get the following line, repeat stage 4, changing only the subsection digit to the following digit (0, 1, 2 … ).

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