How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

It is basically a rights management code. This code is used for indicating that Disney Plus wants a secure connection, and the current streaming setup of the user can’t provide it So have to fix Disney plus error code 39.

This error could occur because the Disney Plus app has an issue, or the HDMI cable and streaming device is creating a problem.

Error Code 39

When such an error occurs, the screen usually says that the service can’t play the video that the user has requested. They should either try again or contact support in case the error doesn’t go away.

Causes of the Error

Error 39 may occur, due to the following reasons:

  • There is a rights availability issue with the video
  • The device that the user is using, is not supported by Disney+
  • Internet connection is not working properly
  • The HDMI port is not working
  • The HDMI cable is damaged

Fixing the Error 39 Issue

Following are some of the ways, through which this error can be fixed:

  • Load the video again; at times, the internet is not working properly, and the error code occurs
  • Shut down streaming device and Disney Plus app; restarting it can make the error code 39 go away
  • Choose a different streaming device; if you have been watching Disney Plus on Xbox One, then stream using a Smart TV or any other device
  • Choose a different HDMI port for the streaming device; it could be that the HDMI port you are using is not working properly or has been damaged somehow
  • Switch the HDMI cable; the HDMI cable may be damaged somehow. Try using a high-quality HDMI cable, or a different one and see if it works; you would need a cable that supports HDMI 2.1.
  • Another thing that can cause problems is using a VGA cable and not an HDMI cable. In case you are using an HDMI converter cable, then that can cause an error code 39. You must use an HDMI connector, which has HDMI connectors on both ends and can be plugged into a television or monitor.
  • You can turn the television off; if that doesn’t work, then try power cycling the television and the streaming device.
  • The user can delete the Disney Plus app and then reinstall it. When the app is deleted, then power cycle the streaming device. The streaming device that you are using, switch to off, unplug it, and then plug it back in; when you reinstall the app, it will surely work.
  • If you are streaming Disney Plus on television, then try a different one. This will tell you whether the TV you are using is at fault, or if it is some other issue
  • At times, the video capture device that you have installed may cause Error Code 39. Remove the video capture device, and see whether Disney Plus starts working or not.
  • In case you are using Xbox One, you need to factory reset it because that can solve the problem and remove Error Code 39.

Disney Plus Features

For those who don’t know much about Disney Plus, it is an on-demand and ad-free streaming service. Users can watch movies and TV series that appear on Disney. They can stream this service on multiple devices like Smart TVs, laptops, tablets, and even gaming consoles. The user can download unlimited content, and watch it anywhere and anytime.

Disney Plus is available in several countries like Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, Isle of Man, French West Indies, Japan, and Indonesia. In the USA, the cost per month of getting this service is $6.99, while per year is $69.99.

For those who want to gift this service to others, there are Disney gift cards available as well. This is something new in streaming services, in comparison to others. Disney Plus supports HDR10, Dolby Vision format, and 4K Ultra HD Resolution.

There is a GroupWatch feature, where the user can watch Disney Plus with 6 friends. However, every user should have their own subscription. This shared video session feature is something new, and would surely appeal to users.


Disney Plus is an entertainment option for users, which they can really make use of in the pandemic. To fix Disney plus error code 39 is very simple if the user follows the instructions.

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