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How to Fix Facebook This Person Isn’t Available Right Now?

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Fortunately, nowadays communication is a lot easier with the help of instant messaging. With only a few clicks you can connect or send a message anytime and anywhere to anyone online.

  • Facebook Messenger plays a great role in providing the convenience of communication with anyone you desire to get acquainted.
  • But from the last past few years, Facebook users probably encountered an error such as “This person isn’t available right now.”
  • And your only option is the “Ok” button.
  • On the other hand, some users might encounter “This person is unavailable” on the Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and other IOS devices.

This error can be frustrating when you have something urgent to tell and your only way of connecting to them is Facebook Messenger.

There are many reasons behind this error, which will be discussed in this article with the solution to fix it.

What causes this error: “this person isn’t available right now” on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook This Person Isn't Available Right Now

The possible scenarios as to why this error occurs are listed below:

The user has blocked you

user blocked

In this case, due to any reason, the user can block you. It may be done on Facebook or Messenger app.

  • When a person blocks you on Facebook you are unable to his/her profile, send a friend request, or send a message.

On the other hand, blocking a person on Messenger blocks you to send or receive the message. But you can still friends on Facebook, able to see, like, and comment on posts of each other.

The user’s account is deactivated

isn't available

In this case, if the person deliberately deleted or deactivated his or her account on Facebook, you cannot reach further to profile or connect that person through Messenger. So, you have to find an alternate way to connect.

You blocked the user

  • If you forget that you have already blocked that person a long time ago or by mistake and send a message.

you did block a user

  • Then, in such a case, you might encounter the error that “this person is not available right now”.
  • To resolve this issue, you can simply unblock that person.

The user conversation is deleted

This error can also occur when the person you want to connect with has intentionally or unintentionally deleted your previous conversation.

delete it

  • In such a situation, you can also get an added message saying “message not received.”
  • When you try to connect to that person.

How to fix this error?

You can try any of these solutions to get rid of this annoying error.

Check your blocked list

Sometimes you are the one who has blocked a person but you do not realize.

In this case, check your blocked list, to make sure that the person is included in the list or not. You can access your accounts block list via mobile app or desktop.

These are the steps to access your blocked list in desktop.

  • Open your browser, Go here to log in to your Facebook account using your ID and password.
  • Go to settings in your account.

Facebook This Person Isn't Available Right Now

  • Select the blocking section from the menu.
  • Now you can find that person from the list of those names that you currently blocked.

Facebook This Person Isn't Available Right Now

  • You can further block a person by typing his or her name in the text box under the block user area.
  • Besides the name of the user, you can see an Unblock button.

making unblock

  • Click on this button to unblock the person you want to connect with.
  • After select confirm to complete the process.


Steps to access blocked list on Facebook app on Mobile.

  • Open your Facebook app. Login to your account using your credentials.
  • Then you need to tap on three horizontal lines, which are for the menu.

Facebook This Person Isn't Available Right Now

  • If you are using an Android app then it is located on the top-right, and if you are an iPhone user then it is located on the lower-right.
  • Now go to the settings
  • Then select the account settings.

block users list

  • There is a red sign for the blocking option, tap on it.
  • Check the name of the person under the blocked user’s section.
  • Then unblock the user.

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Request a friend to verify the user’s account

To verify if the user’s account is blocked or deactivated, the least you can ask a friend to access that person’s account.

  • If it’s reachable, then there is a greater possibility that that person blocks you.
  • In case if it is not accessible then, this means the user’s account is deactivated.

Send a message to the user either from a mobile app or desktop website

Before jumping to any conclusion, you can make sure that if that person blocks you. You can use a mobile app or desktop.

  • Just go to the conversation section and type a message, see how your app responds.
  • If this error occurs, it means you cannot connect with that person.

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