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How to Fix Origin Stuck in Offline? [ Guide ]

Sometimes when trying to connect to Origin, there is an “origin won’t go online” issue. Most of the time, users switch to offline mode after the original login because it is almost impossible to play games while being online about the origin Because it takes too long.

Users should check their webserver because there may be a problem, so it is best to check their social media and website.

If there are no general problems, check all the methods listed below for assistance.

Now, the first question is, what can be the reason behind not going on the Internet?

How to Fix Origin Stuck in Offline?

Origin Stuck in Offline

There can be so many different problems where Origin refuses to go online and it is all referred to help you get the real problem out first.

Antivirus installed

Antivirus installed

Source has problems with some antivirus programs. It’s not really important that each anti-virus would initially help.

  • Try replacing them with other better options, such as free alternatives.

Sometimes you don’t obtain permission from an administrator without knowing it. You need to provide Origin.exe executable administrator authorization. For the most part, it works and resolves the problem.

Proxy servers

Proxy servers

These are created to prevent Origin from connecting or to not authorize new updates. If the origin does not receive another update, there will definitely be errors. You must therefore make sure that the proxy servers are deactivated.

The host’s file

It can become corrupted and create issues. Besides, you can reset all damaged host files. This is another helpful way of solving the problem.

«netsh Winsock reset»

«netsh Winsock reset»

It is a really helpful command that the user can use in the command prompt to reset the Winsock catalog to the default settings or its own state.

You can try this method if you have an on-line connection problem at the origin.

  • Locate the command prompt by typing it on the right side of the start-up menu or by pressing the search button next to it.
  • A search result will be displayed by right-clicking for the initial entry.
  • Type this search result» Execute the administrator contextual menu entry.
  • Besides, the user can also try the Windows logo key + R key combination to get the Run dialogue box.

Origin Stuck in Offline

  • Insert “cmd” in the dialog box that pops up, then use the Ctrl + Shift + Enter key combination to launch the command prompt using administrator privilege.
  • Enter the next command that will appear in the window and do not forget to press Enter after typing it.
  • You will have to wait for the text «Winsock reset successfully» or something else but similar to the same text to make sure that the method worked and the user had done no error.
  • Afterward, you should check if the problem has been solved.

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Alternatively, change the antivirus you use when you sign in to origin or resolve Origin stuck in offline.

There are plenty of free anti-virus tools that can be very useful and they can do their best to keep the computer safe but sometimes they’re not quite suited to the other things on your computer. The user must modify the anti-virus to correct the problem.

  • Click the Start menu and open the command panel trying to know.

command panel

  • In the control panel, select to display the category that will be at the top of the right-hand corner and click the uninstall program under the icon of the program.

Origin Stuck in Offline

  • Find your Antivirus tool from the control panel or parameter and click to uninstall it.

Origin Stuck in Offline

You also have the option to run Origin as an administrator. It may help you prevent numerous mistakes. Help: here

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