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How to Find If Someone Stalking Your Facebook Profile

Facebook is a popular social media app that allows you to connect with your family and friends. I am glad to write a guide on how you can find if someone Stalking your Facebook profile.

You can share your stories, pictures, and other interests with your loved ones.

However, with all this joy this app has its share of risks. There can be random people who may stalk your profile.

They may be enjoying your posts or have some other motives in their mind.

Many users will like to know how to find out if someone is stalking their Facebook profile or not.

What exactly is Facebook stalking? How can you prevent yourself from it?

Here is an answer to all your queries:

What is Facebook Stalking?

Facebook stalking is very much common and it has its degrees of seriousness too. If you have met someone new, they may be interested to know more about you.

In this case, they may scroll down to see your pages or posts.

Your posts will reflect your ideas, thoughts, and lifestyle to the fullest. Sometimes a person may not know you well but they may become a fan of your posts.

They will keep scrolling all your stories and get to know a little more about you. Another version of stalking leads to someone checking your activities regularly. It will let them know what you are doing or where you are going.

Regardless of whatever reason the other person checks your profile. Facebook doesn’t give you an option to check who is visiting your profile.

However, there can be some ways in which you can see who is stalking your profile.

Here are some of the techniques that will help you find more about your stalkers:

Check your stories

You must check your stories to find out who is checking them. Facebook gives you an option to check who has reviewed your story.

They introduced the stories in 2017 and Snapchat and Instagram have just followed the same. Users can easily create a story and publish many images for their friends and loved ones to see.

However, you must be aware the stories can be viewed only within 24 hours. You can track the number of people who view your profile’s story within these hours. Similarly, you have the option to restrict your stories for some people.

If you wish that they don’t stalk your profile anymore there is always an option for blocking them.

The downside here is that if the stalker knows how these Facebook stories work they will avoid checking them out regularly. If they aren’t very tech savvy they may fall into your trap and you can check them out.

Look For New Likes & Comments

You can check your old and new posts on Facebook which will notify you whenever someone likes your posts. Even if someone comments on your posts it will help you get a notification instantly.

If you are not sure who your stalker is, you can know more about them. Sometimes your stalker may try to harm or steal your information for their purposes.

You can always try and check what your stalker is up to and keep yourself safe. Someone may like your posts more often or comment on your photos too. It’s not that you can stop them, but you can block them if you find them disturbing.

It is always wise to check out your older posts and check everything through your feed. You can keep the stalkers away and prevent your information from leaking out.

Someone who shows up on your groups

If a user keeps popping up in almost all the groups that you have joined, something may be wrong.

This happens to be a definite sign of a stalker. There is no surety as to why they check your profile. However, you can try and do your best to catch them red-handed. There are plenty of settings that will help you find a solution to your problem.

It is not possible for someone to like the same cuisine, entertainment, and other groups. This is the best way to find out if a stalker has been stalking your profile or not.

The stalker is probably going to do the same for many years or months to come.

If someone is liking your posts and stories just because they like them, there is no reason to get impatient. Facebook will let you check who else is in the group with you. It has become easy to check out their names as well.

  • Go to the group page and click on the Members section.
  • This will open the members’ list for the group.
  • Facebook has put the people with whom you have got connections.
  • If you have noticed the same Facebook user in many groups, then they might be stalking you. Even if they are not your Facebook friend, then they might be able to see your posts and comments within the group.

Unsolicited Friend Requests

Some people get friend requests from millions of people. If you get friend requests from people you don’t know then these might be suspicious friend requests.

It might be someone who you have not interacted with in a long time.

Stalkers can also create fake accounts, and send you a friend request.

Defending Against Stalking

The best defense against stalkers is to know the people on your Friends list. There are many Facebook users that have a different approach.

There are thousands of Facebook friends, that have a familiar name. You have accepted their requests automatically.

How to make your profile stalker free?

If you want to make your profile a stalker-resistant one, then you must do two things.

  • Select your friends in the friend’s list whom you have actual relationships with.
  • In this way, you will be able to find out about the people who are stalking you.
  • You must only add people who you know in your real life.
  • If you have been in contact with someone online, then you trust them.
  • You can keep them on your friend’s list without any problem.
  • You can increase your online circle and accept people you know online from other social media sites.

Change your Settings

It is great to change your setting and allow only Friends to follow you.

This is easily done:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Public Posts.
  • Find “Who Can Follow Me”, and select “Friends”.

Be Mindful of what you post online

If you are seriously concerned about someone stalking, you online then it is important to keep track of the things you post online.

If you don’t feel comfortable about unknown people viewing your posts then it is a great idea to restrict your posts. It is also important to be mindful of everything that you post.

Make sure to avoid posting things that you will regret in the end. Most importantly, it is always not a good idea to share photos and videos that you don’t want the stalkers to see.

Information that is not meant to be shared with your stalkers must not be posted on your Facebook page as well.

The internet is a dangerous place and it can cause a lot of problems for you. You must be aware of the stuff that you post online on the internet.

Restrict your Facebook posts

Facebook has given users a chance to restrict their posts on Facebook.

  • You can now lock your profile on Facebook and stop unwanted users to stalk your profile.
  • Once you restrict your profile the stalkers will not be able to stalk your profile.
  • This will help you to use Facebook safely without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your questions about Facebook stalkers.

Can I see who has viewed my Facebook profile?

It can be difficult to find who is visiting your profile. There isn’t any reliable way to check it out and find the users who are visiting your profile.

But if you want to explore, here’s how:

  1. Open Facebook in the Chrome browser. Click on the blank space.
  2. Click View Page Source located in the dropdown menu.
  3. Use the Control + F.
  4. “Buddy” you will see “ID” and a number. Copy it.
  5. Open a new tab and type “Facebook.com/”. Paste the number behind the / and hit enter. The individual’s profile will appear.
  6. Use the up and down arrows to search for the next person.

This method might not reveal any stalkers because every profile might appear only once. Several users on Facebook view the Facebook page and they all might appear in the list.

There is also no date and pattern that will reveal how many times a person viewed your profile page.

Is there a third-party service that allows you to find stalkers?

There are sites but we don’t recommend these services.

You also have to pay for these services. The third-party services can also pose a risk to your account’s security.

If I stalk someone on Facebook that I’m not friends with will they know?

Yes, your friend will know that you are not his/her friend.

You can get more information in this article I wrote.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have explained how to find the Facebook users who are stalking your profile.

We hope this post is helpful for you. Leave your comments below to tell us about your views about Facebook stalkers.


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