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Top 10 Best Kindle Alternatives 2024

Kindle as eReaders used as an electronic ink screen and because reading is very natural, transmitting sensations similar or superior to those produced by reading a book in paper format.

Also, if you have to read a lot of time, the visual fatigue will be much lower compared to reading the same text on a tablet, mobile phone, or computer. Your eyes will be less tired.

Top 10 Best Kindle Alternatives 2024

You know that although nothing can have compared to the smell and touch of a lifelong book, the truth is that eBooks and eReaders have greatly facilitated your love of reading.

You can have thousands of books in a device that barely weighs a few grams, take it with you on the subway or bus, and read anywhere for hours. It is undeniable that the advantages are many.

It is developed by a very well-known online retailer known as Amazon which all of you know pretty well.

Rather than having the ability to download an iPod or an MP3 player to listen to music, you get the ability to download books with the help of wireless technology onto this device called Kindle and then easily read them on it like a book in your hand.

Kindle Fire, one of these devices was launched in early 2012, and then later the Kindle Fire HD was introduced and released into the market with much great functionality than the previous Kindle devices.

It is pretty similar to a device called a tablet based on the Android operating system that probably every house has.

This device has a color screen and it offers all the basic features that any of you want, such as the ability to stream videos and listen to music, as well as you get the ability to continue to be an E-Reader.

If you guys want any of these devices, all of you can buy these books from the official website of Amazon. But as this article is about the best alternatives, now I will be reviewing the best alternatives to this Kindle device.

Kobo Aura Edition 2

Best Kindle Alternatives

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Kobo Aura Edition 2 eBook has a 6-inch touch screen and a capacity of 4GB, as well as an extraordinary lightness and the characteristic of being waterproof. Image source: here

The battery can read about a month of a single charge. It also offers the lighting function called ComfortLight Pro which uses red and orange LEDs to illuminate the screen without the need for blue light.

As you will see, and as for the rest of its features, it is very similar to the other eBooks with good quality.

It is an electronic book reader that stands out for being very light and has a colorful and youthful design, perfect for children, teenagers, and young people. It is equipped with a 6-inch screen with the best resolution.

The panel is made with e-ink pearl plus, a whiter solution that improves contrast by up to 60% to favor reading.

Also, it has 16 levels of grayscale for you to choose to feel more comfortable.

It has an internal memory of 4 GB that allows you to store more than books and also has a microSD card slot to extend the memory even more. Supports EPUB, PDF, FB2, HTM, DOC, TXT, and other formats.

The main difference between the Kindle? That the Kobo brand is compatible with many more formats than Kindle.

It gives you the freedom to buy your ebooks directly from the publisher, as well as many other vendors.

It is a model that has a spectacular screen to some very well-placed navigation buttons, this one allows an incredibly comfortable reading.

Something that is not surprising considering that, it has a battery life and a half with a single charge reading about half an hour a day. Also, it only takes an hour to charge, so the experience is best fully.

It also has the intensity adjustable light technology called “OptimaLight,” so that the blue light allows you to read comfortably during the day and with the night mode you can read without affecting your sleep quality, thanks to a more toned warm

It is fairly light and with a battery life with daily use after a single charge. Thus, it becomes a very interesting option quality.

Another differential feature to keep in mind with this is that it has a free app that allows you to continue reading your books on your mobile, tablet, or computer.

As it allows you to synchronize bookmarks, so you don’t lose by where did you stay.


  • It is super light (well 166 grams that are 2 grams less)
  • It has a color temperature adjustable light that allows you to configure it in manual or automatic mode.
  • Touch screen 6 inches and high resolution (300 dpi).
  • You can widen the screen only in .pdf documents
  • It incorporates native dictionaries in the eReader itself.

It has a capacity of 4GB and a touch screen, although it lacks integrated light so you can not read if you do not turn on any light.

This also has WiFi and font sizes to choose the one that best suits you, plus several weeks of duration with a single charge.

If what you are looking for is a basic, simple, but comfortable, and lightweight eReader to take anywhere, it is still together with this one of the best options to consider. A cheap but functional eBook.

The really interesting thing about it, it has the Android 4.2 operating system to download the app, email, download in the cloud, etc.

Also noteworthy are the two months of use with a single charge with half an hour of daily reading, with a minimum level of Screenlight lighting.

And WiFi connectivity the 4GB of memory expandable up to 64GB with a microSD card and the gift of 1,500 Universal literature books that are already downloaded.

  • Resolution: 300 PPP.

  • Touch screen HD Letter E Ink 6

  • Light adjustable in color temperature

  • It does not allow audiobooks or music.

  • It is not smooth with corners.

Its weight is greater than that of 6-inch eReaders with quality Paperwhite support.

The quality of materials is good but not comparable to that of the new Kindle Oasis.

Hence, its price is also lower. The white color is beautiful, but at the time of reading, I find it more uncomfortable, and it also stains more.

It is asymmetrical it is very comfortable to read in vertical format since the greatest weight coincides in the area where you hold it and can also be used in the horizontal format.

If you are interested in knowing my opinion on this aspect, in my opinion of an optometrist, the best experience and reading speed are achieved by reading in a vertical format using 6 or 7-inch eBook readers.

In addition to getting a faster reading because the jumps between the lines are smaller, you will have the advantage that with a smaller eBook, the weight is less.

Kobo H20 Edition 2

kindle alternatives

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The Paperwhite eBook readers now come with IP water resistance certification.

If you are looking for a waterproof e-reader, then it is worth recommending the Kobo H2O Edition 2.

The original Kobo H2O was a great success due mainly to the fact that the only ebook reader with an IP water resistance certification.

The new Kobo H2O Edition 2 comes with ComfortLight PRO, it makes it pleasing to the user’s eyes. Reduce exposure to blue light and demonstrate a comfortable reading experience at night.

It has a 6.8-inch E-Ink Letter touch screen, weighs only 207 grams, and has 8GB of internal storage to store thousands of books.

Like other Kobo readers, the H2O Edition 2 also supports up to 14 different file formats and a handful of languages. It also has 802.11 b / g / n WiFi support and a micro USB port.

If you are looking for a waterproof ebook reader that you can even use in the bathtub or a pool without worrying about dropping it in the water, be sure to check it out.

Kobo H2O Edition 2 supports up to 60 minutes underwater at 2 meters deep by having IPX8 certification thanks to its exclusive HZO Protection technology.

The screen of the Kobo Aura Edition H2O is a 6.8-inch touch with electronic ink and a print quality of 265 dpi.

It also has ComfortLight PRO front lighting, it reduces exposure to blue light for a more comfortable nighttime reading. Its screen allows you to underline text, write notes, or search for a word in the integrated dictionary.


  • With Kobo eReaders you can read all the usual eBook formats
  • Kobo H2O Edition 2 gives you the option to choose between black and white.
  • Its weight is greater than that of 6-inch eReaders
  • The quality of materials is good

Kobo H2O Edition 2 stands out for reading almost like paper with high resolution, without reflections even in sunlight.

With self-regulating light, touch screen, and sensor regulation and its characteristic battery that lasts weeks on a single charge. In addition to WiFi, Kobo H2O Edition 2 has a version with 3G connectivity to read anywhere.

Kobo H2O Edition 2 is a device, in general, more compact and with greater storage capacity. Kobo H2O Edition 2 is 6.8 inches with 300 PPI resolution with OptimaLight technology that adjusts to the surrounding light and E-Ink Letter, for a better display of the screen.

You should consider that Kobo H2O Edition 2 is essential for the operation of the device, but on the other hand, some accessories such as protective covers are quite useful to protect your Kobo H2O Edition 2 from bumps or scratches, extending its life.

And for those who want to consider themselves fashionable, there is a great variety of models to personalize it to your liking, allowing you to express your style not only with yourself but with what you use.

Kobo H2O Edition 2 is worth for being quite useful is the stand or adjustable leg so that the Kobo stays in a position where you can use it without holding it with your hands, by watching the recipe while keeping your hands busy with what you prepare.

In the market there are plenty of accessories that you must choose according to your needs, they are not always expensive, and even some come in complete packages so you should use Kobo H2O Edition 2.

It is very light and compact in weight and dimensions of 6.8 x 5.1 x 0.3 inches and has an 8GB internal memory expandable thanks to the MicroSD slot in the section of connections, micro USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

As a curiosity, it includes infrared detection technology to read until the cold days when you wear gloves.

  • ComfortLight PRO dimmable front lighting

  • It is waterproof

  • Option to choose between black and white.

  • It does not support audiobooks or music.

The technological advances that have allowed the incorporation of thousands of books, magazines, writings, or any traditional format of reading or visual communication to the cloud are also known roughly as a digital format.

If you feel more comfortable with that terminology but also to contribute to the ecological approach of technology: to preserve the environment, and specifically for the Kobo H2O Edition 2.

You can also choose the way in it you connect to the Internet, either by 3G or WiFi technology, offering you the ability to download content almost anywhere.

Element to consider is the tool for reading personalization that gives you the possibility to change the font of the texts and their size, the line spacing, and any other visual aspect to make your reading a pleasant and comfortable experience, totally to your liking.

Kobo Forma

kindle alternatives

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Kobo Forma most premium ebook, which is the same as the Aura except for its huge size of 8 inches diagonally.

Despite its size, it is quite light with only 6.9 ounces of weight for dimensions of 7 x 0.3 x 6.3 inches. It has IPX8 water resistance certification.

Its touch screen has a high resolution of 300ppi, with ComfortLight PRO to adjust the light to the environment and Carta E Ink technology.

In it, you can underline words, write notes, or search for words whose meaning you don’t know thanks to its integrated dictionary.

It natively supports 14 formats: EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, and CBR and also allows reading eBooks using public libraries.

It integrates an 8-inch E-ink 8.0 HD touch screen with a resolution of 300 PPI, the same as the Paperwhite, it also has an adjustable light.

Its internal memory is 8GB, although it can have expanded up to 32GB thanks to the microSD card.

It supports 10 text formats – PDF, TXT, HTML, EPUB, CHM, PDB, MOBIPOCKET (DRM-free), FB2, DJVU, DOC -, 4 image formats – JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP – and 2 formats video – MP3, WAV.

It has Bluetooth, WiFi, and micro USB connectivity, to surf the internet and download files. This one is an e-reader with an 8-inch touch screen and resolution lower than the Paperwhite.

According to the technical specifications, it has ComfortLight PRO technology, which reduces exposure to blue light and protects the eyes.

It allows you to store in remarkably compact file sizes, even with a certain amount of images and other content. The memory of this is especially wide even when its size is not especially large.

The model has a memory of 8 GB, it will allow you to store thousands of books directly in its memory, always updated.

As for the battery, it stays fully charged thanks to the USB charger included with the product.

Its battery allows you to read as long as you usually keep the WiFi connection off.

With 6.9 ounces and dimensions of 7 x 0.3 x 6.3 inches, it is considerably more compact and lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite. According to the manufacturer, the battery provides autonomy for many hours.


  • It is even smaller and lighter
  • Its battery has improved a lot and is the one that holds more weeks than all the eReaders
  • It incorporates a screen with adjustable color temperature

With this, you can choose when you want the page refreshment to occur. It also allows access to some interesting android apps that the eReader itself brings.

It allows reading in any of the supported formats both horizontally and vertically by selecting the option manually.

If you like to read at night, it will not be so much trouble because thanks to the option of this using the warm color temperature.

It will greatly affect your circadian rhythms which are our biological clock. It will help you sleep more and better.

The screen remains the same, and it is a touch screen Carta E-ink 8 HD last generation without reflections with the Flowvie system. You can store up to 6,000 ebooks and read almost all eBook formats including epub, .pdf, and .mobi.

And another very important point is the battery that although it is less powerful than that surprisingly it holds much longer to use without charging.

So do not worry about the battery because it is too much and in my personal opinion is the one that holds more time for all the eReaders.

  • Touchscreen 8 HD Carta E Ink with adjustable color temperature.

  • Supports all the usual eBook formats.

  • Get weeks of battery life.

  • The orientation feature of the device is not responsive

  • The size of the device is small

It offers its libraries, these are increasing day by day with each new or digitized publication that is made.

You can access them by paying the respective monthly payment or membership, as the case may be.

It is one of the products that offer better screen resolution, with a capacity that helps you to optimally display the letters on the screen, avoiding the effect of molten letters and reducing the fatigue of your eyes during reading.

A screen that is equipped with approximate dimensions of about 7 inches where it is very simple to be able to visualize all the content of your books and be able to handle them easily.

Its screen is also tactile, so you can underline, mark words or paragraphs and be able to move through the text very easily, thanks to the highly responsive capacity.

Sony DPT-RP1/ B

best kindle

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Sony DPT-RP1/ B has a 13.3-inch IPS LCD screen, with 189 dpi, it offers a sharper image, with fewer reflections and more brightness.

This also has Dolby Audio technology, to provide a better experience when playing multimedia content.

It includes the frequency band. This is capable of recording videos with HD quality. On the other hand, it has dimensions of 8.8 x 11.9 x 0.2 inches and a weight of 12.3 ounces, making it easy to carry in your backpack or work bag.

The factor related to the formats supported by an ebook reader is one of the most decisive elements in the choice of the model to buy.

It depends only on the types of documents that can have read correctly by the device, but also on Online stores where these books in electronic format can have found and purchased.

It contains a lot of setting options to make a premise about existing formats because each of them makes it more or less advantageous for the user.

Some formats are proprietary and only readable by some devices and software while many others are open.

They belong to a particular company and are therefore usable by a much larger number of software and devices.

Among the most popular formats currently in the ebook reader market, you will find TXT, PDF, and MOBI that are readable by any device for books in electronic format.

A good percentage, for all devices, is also capable of supporting comic book formats, such as CBZ / CBR. Also, it is worth highlighting the ePub format and the AZW format.

It has a 2.4 GHz frequency band and 5 GHz Bluetooth. Also, it offers an internal memory of 16GB that you can expand.

It also contains 10,000 PDF files with the use of a MicroSD card.

In any way, you will have hundreds of eBooks, songs, series, movies, and games available to you quickly and without interruption.

To enjoy good reading and multimedia content wherever you go, you must have a good quality Sony DPT-RP1/ B.

The included connectivity is mainly made through a WiFi connection specially designed to access only insecure connection areas, avoiding with them the possible risks of open networks, in terms of data security and integrity.

In case you want to maintain connectivity at all times, you have an additional model that has a 3G connection system.


  • It contains a large number of documents.
  • This one is lighter.
  • With this, you can share documents with Bluetooth, WiFi, or through a USB cable

It is noteworthy, it has a solid appearance and a very nice aesthetic. In my opinion, it is now even better than the Kindle, so it makes much sense to spend more money.

It can have placed almost anywhere, and in terms of touch, it maintains its sensations of solidity, softness, and grip. In addition to its beautiful and elegant design.

This one offers all the advantages of being able to buy eBooks and added services. The experience of buying eBooks from the eReader itself is fantastic.

The biggest defect its screen does not incorporate light that can have adjusted in color temperature.

Apart from that problem then there is the limitation of all because if you buy eBooks, you will not be able to read them in eReaders that are not Kindle, so in the future, you will be a prisoner of them.

  • The display is excellent

  • It is an amazing

  • It contains built-in WiFi

  • It can’t directly sync with cloud services

This one offers the possibility to select the type, size, and thickness of the font to customize the reading.

This one includes a novel adjustable and programmable warm light, to select the appropriate brightness level according to the ambient light condition.

On the other hand, it has the IPX8 certification, which supports splashing or accidental immersion.

On the other hand, its design is ergonomic and has dimensions of 8.8 x 11.9 x 0.2 inches, and its weight is just 12.3 ounces.

Also, it includes side buttons to turn the page, and its frame is made of aluminum to give it more resistance.

If you are looking for a quality device that takes care of your eyes and provides advanced functions to enjoy good reading moments, then you should use this one.

The weight of the ebook reader also plays an important role, since it makes it more or less comfortable to carry and hold the device, especially if you want to make long reading sessions.

With Sony, it is possible to select the font and customize it according to taste preferences, but also the ease of reading.

Most readers use this technology electronic ink, designed not to tire the eye and to resemble as much as possible a printed book, away from the screens of other electronic devices.

However, some ebook readers use cheaper systems, using LCD screens similar to those used for tablets or smartphones, which tends to tire the eyesight much more easily, as well as harmful rest when reading before bedtime.

There are different types of inks E and some make the characters more defined, dark and crisp on the page compared to others and, it contains a higher quality of technology used for the ink in an ebook reader.

NOOK Tablet 7

best kindle

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NOOK Tablet 7 is the best. It is a touch screen electronic book reader, but no light. You will easily read even in broad daylight its screen will allow you to read as if it were a book.

This device is lighter than a paperback book, so you can always carry it with you and use it with one hand for hours and hours of reading.

Also recommended for e-readers because it includes an app that seeks to foster their love for reading, by not having distractions your children will concentrate on reading.

In its internal memory, you can include many books, and you will not have to make almost any effort to make your ebook library grow by its daily supply of all types of reading.

It has dimensions of 11.1 x 6 x 1.5 inches, so it is a very compact size. Also, although it weighs a little more than the models already described with 1.5 pounds

of weight, it is still as light and practical to carry everywhere.

It is one of the strongest points is that its screen is specially designed to withstand scratches and accidental shocks since it is reinforced being 30 times more solid than plastic.

As well as access the calendar, your email, the browser, and even all kinds of social networks.

It helps readers with a WiFi connection. You can use an access point with an Internet connection, which can be a home, office, bar, or even library network.

It contains elements that tend to always be within standard parameters that do not differ substantially between one model and another, whether they are ebook readers belonging to different price ranges, or Well of products belonging to different brands.

With a charge that can vary from 3 to 6 hours, you can get several weeks, usually 2 to 4 weeks, using your device to read half an hour a day, without using the wireless service continuously.

It should be borne in mind that the battery life depends largely on how much time and how often the wireless and/or 3G connection is used.

There are also two ways to charge your ebook: via a USB cable directly to a computer, or by purchasing the appropriate charge, with a classic power outlet.


  • Touch buttons plus physical page-turning buttons
  • Accelerometer
  • Adjustable color temperature

It allows you to save a really large number of titles within your device.

We are talking about thousands of books in an electronic format that you can always take with you which are also automatically inserted into the Cloud storage system, a solution that allows the reader to have their ebook.

Another aspect to consider is the presence of a Micro SD card slot that allows you to expand the memory of your device further.

  • High-resolution quality

  • 60 seconds to download available titles.

  • Very light and easy to transport

  • It is not compatible with ebooks in Epub format.

The files supported by these types of devices are not so many, but the most important formats such as CBR, CBZ, HTML, MOBI, and PDF can have read without any problem, so you can read most of the texts available online.

The touch screen allows you to zoom in and out of the text with two fingers, which makes it intuitive, easy, and affordable for everyone. The same applies to light control.

It is an electronic book reader with the best technology. You can read without forcing the view.

You just have to adjust the brightness to read in any lighting condition.

It is undoubtedly one of the characteristics that make the product firm candidate for the best if what you are looking for is merely a reader.

You will not have to be plugging in the reader every two days. Its charge can last up to eight weeks. Its extra-thin design makes it very easy to handle. You can be with it on one hand since it is super light.

With it you can read both at night and in full sun, choosing the type and size of the font that best suits your preferences.

You will also be able to add notes to texts, and share underlined passages or important phrases on major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

It is designed not to emit reflections in broad daylight, so you can read without problems, and can also adjust the brightness of it, to read at your leisure thanks to its technology.

With which there will be no need to force the view to sunlight, much less in the dark.


Kindle Alternatives

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I need to tell you guys that you do not need any dedicated device to enjoy reading ebooks.

As some exceptionally helpful and impressive applications around us can help you, me, and everyone else in this world to read them on your desktop as well.

Caliber application is a free, open-source ebook reader that has the availability for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well, along with an extra portable version for people with Windows PC.

This alternative is particularly very handy than the original device, as you can keep it on a USB stick of yours or any other removable.

Easy to carry storage device along with your book collection and this will allow you to read them anywhere on any PC you can get access to.

This software also supports RSS feeds, so you can keep in touch with the news from your favorite magazines and news websites all together in just one place without even wasting your time opening a web browser and searching for it.

The user interface of this app has been designed with care and attention in mind, just to make it pretty easy to manage your ebook archive of yours.

You will see that all the icons are big and bold, and even complex options that are only a couple of clicks away for you to have access.

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • Portable version

  • Opens Amazon AWZ files

  • Unable t open DRM protected book



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Here I have another application for you that will help you manage and enjoy ebooks without buying a dedicated device for this job.

This FBReader is an ebook reader for all the Linux, Microsoft, Windows, Android operating systems, and other supported platforms as well.

This was originally written for the Sharp Zaurus, but now it runs on many other mobile devices, such as the Nokia Internet Tablets, and desktop computers as well.

A sample preview of this, and was released on the 13th of April, 2008 for Google Android, it was the Java Port with a ‘J’ in its name.

In case you are wondering which format does it supports, let me tell you that it includes the following:

  • EPUB
  • FictionBook
  • HTML
  • Plucker
  • PalmDock
  • text
  • TCR
  • CHM
  • RTF
  • WEB
  • Mobi without the DRM
  • Plain-text

It was free software under the GPL, but now it is proprietary software.

It was Nikolay Pultsin who wrote the first-ever, as I mentioned above that the tool was released for the Sharp Zaurus first in January of 2005.

Then a Maemo port was added for the Nokia 770 in December of the same year. But now, it runs on almost every well-known platform.

  • It is simple and fast

  • Cloud sync

  • Books can have saved to the SD card

  • It has a built-in eBook store

  • The UI is bad

  • Settings are complex and quite confusing

Google PlayBook

Google PlayBook

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The latest version that is released for Google Play Books comes along with some much-needed functions and features that you guys will surely love to have as compared to the previously weak e-reader application it was.

I am certain of the fact that this application is not perfect until now, but it is a lot much closer now than it was ever before with the latest update it has got.

While the interface of it, is pretty clean, very easy to navigate, and unquestionable, I think that it could use a little bit more visual style to achieve perfection.

Right now after the update, the application feels spotlessly clean, with the carousel of the books sitting on the top of a flat backdrop that is dark gray.

There is an alternate option to this as well, you can display all your books categorized in a list, but that will be quite unattractive to look at.

The running of this application is pretty simple and very intuitive as well. Once you guys purchase it and download a book through Google Play, it will automatically show up in your Book applications on each device that is connected with your Google account on it.

Google Play is known to be increasing its reach to all forms of media recently in this time, and this is just one section of it that has been noticed to have improved and now is a genuine contender in the eReading competition going all over the internet.

  • Clean interface

  • It now comes with Google Translate, Wikipedia, Maps, and other handy features

  • It is only used to read books that you bought on Google Play.

Pocketbook Touch 3 HD

Pocketbook Touch 3 HD

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This product that I am reviewing right now is said to be the best mid-level device that Pocketbook has ever released until now.

You will see that it has a pretty interesting physique with brushed aluminum and manual buttons for page-turning purposes.

The biggest selling points of this device are the audio functionality, a color temperature glow light system, Bluetooth compatibility, and the fact that it is water-resistant.

Its compatibility regarding the majority of formats is pretty nice, it supports and plays nice with PDF, EPUB, DJVU, FB2, FB2.ZIP, DOC, DOCX, RTF, PRC, TXT, CHM, HTM, HTML, MOBI, and ACSM.

The company pays a fee for a license to Adobe for the DRM system of it, just to make you guys able to load in ebooks that you have purchased from various other bookstores.

It features a 6 inches long E Ink Carta HD screen that supports a resolution of 1440 x 1080 pixels and 300 DPI.

It consists of a front-lit display that helps you read in the dark and it features a color temperature system as well that is used to warm up the screen for you.

All these features work exceptionally and you will surely love having them.

  • The user interface is beautiful

  • Orientation for lock screen

  • It is free

  • Works with Adobe DRM

  • Reports say it is buggy sometimes.

Mantano Ebook Reader Premium

Mantano Ebook Reader Premium

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It is said that this is the best ebook reader available in the market.  As it is very pretty, it is fast, it is sleek and most of all, it is free to have.

You will surely love the library screen of this application that I am reviewing right now.

There are a lot of reader applications that have very simple or too complex library screens, you would have encountered one of them if you are very much into these applications.

You will see that all the books are laid out in a pretty simple looking list format at the same time as being catchy enough with all the little details about them.

With this application, finding a book is never difficult now, especially with all those filtering options available.

This app has a one-click import, it easily scans all content on your device to look for the ebook files in formats that are supported by it.

Once found, you can select any individual one and then click the IMPORT button to import them, and there you go.

  • Bookshelf-like library

  • Beautiful interface

  • Greatly Integrates with a desktop PC.

  • It is not free.


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