How to Login as Administrator in Windows 10?

A user who has an access to administrator account is an administrator.

An administrator is the only one who can make changes to software in the computer like security settings, installing and uninstalling software or hardware, and change the settings that affect other users.

Also, it also helps in creating and deleting user accounts, and access all files at the same time. When you install Windows 10 it will ask you to set up an account as a guest or as an admin.

How to Login as Administrator in Windows 10?

Login as Administrator in Windows 10

A guest account is not the actual account and it gives no access to run applications.

Besides an admin account is always disabled for security purposes and you have to activate it by enabling the hidden administrator account.

Here are some ways through which you can get access to the Administrator Account:

  • Command Prompt
  • Admin Tools
  • User Management Tool
  • Group Policy
  • Registry

Using Command prompt

Login as Administrator in Windows 10

Command Prompt method is the easiest method to activate the administrator account.

  • Moreover, you just have to select the Start button and type CMD which will open the command prompt, and then right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator”.
  • Then you simply have to add your username and password to access the admin.
  • You have to type net user administrator in the opened window > Enter.

These simple steps will activate your admin account and now this account is not security protected. You can set a password for your privacy and security reasons.

From Admin Tools

From Admin Tools

  • You can operate an admin tool by holding the windows key while pressing the ‘R’ button so that the window will run the dialog box.
  • Type “lusrmgr.msc”>press Enter key which will open in another window.

Login as Administrator in Windows 10

  • You have to select Users >Administrator that will appear in another window.
  • Now, you have to check or uncheck if the account is disabled according to your demands or not.
  • Click check if you want to disable the account and click on uncheck if you want to activate the account.

By following these steps you have activated your account and now you do not need any password.

Using User Management Tool

Using User Management Tool

  • You have to go running>control to write “userpasswords2”. Open the advanced tab and click on the button under the advanced user management icon.
  • Right-click administrator and activate your account in Windows 10 by unchecking “account is disabled”.

Now, this account has no password and you can make this account secure by creating a new password.

Using Group Policy

It is easy to enable default administrators in Windows 10 by using the group policy method.

  • You have to make the window run dialog box by holding the windows button and pressing the ‘R’ button with it.
  • Type “gpedit. msc” to start the group policy editor.

Group Policy

  • Press the Enter key to start navigation of the local computer configuration, windows settings, local policies, and security settings, one after the other.

Login as Administrator in Windows 10

  • Now click on the Accounts > Administrator Account Status.
  • Select the Enable or Disable button in the new window according to your desires and then press ‘ok’ to save the changes.

There is a drawback of using group policy that Home editions of Windows 10 do not support the group policy method.

Using Registry

The registry method is a unique method to activate your administrator account.

  • Repeat the same method to activate the Windows dialog box by holding the windows key and pressing the ‘R’ button.
  • Type “Regedit” in the window >enter key which will start the navigation of Hkeycocal machine, software, Microsoft, Windows NT, user list, etc.

Login as Administrator in Windows 10

  • Right-click on user list > New>DWORD Value. Enter administrator in the window > Enter.

Login as Administrator in Windows 10

  • Now close the registry editor and restart your computer so that you can easily run an administrator account in Windows 10.


  • You can reset your password on the account to make it secure.

These are the five best techniques following simple steps through which you can run like as login as administrator in Windows 10.

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