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How to move pictures from one folder to another on Android?

Consider this your pet and family’s, and colleagues pictures are all in the same folder. To show someone your sibling, you have to swipe through many other pictures.

How embarrassing is that? When people download pictures, or they take pictures from their cell phone, they like to organize them.

There is a way through which pictures can be moved from one folder to another, in Android. This way, they will be able to sort out their pictures according to their genre, like entertainment or family.

How to move pictures from one folder to another on Android?

Xplore File Manager

  • You can download Xplore File manager easily from Google Play.
  • Even though pictures can be moved from one folder to another through file manager, doing this task through the Xplore File Manager app is very easy.
  • After downloading the app, go to the folder to which you want to transfer pictures.
  • Swipe left and you will see the list of folders in your phone, on the right hand side.
  • Select the images that you want to move, and then select them.
  • Press for a long time on one of the files, and then select ‘Move’ from the menu that appears on the screen. Press Okay, and the pictures will be transferred for sure.

Move through Gallery

  • If you open your gallery, you will get to see all the pictures and videos that are saved in your cell phone. The picture or video that you want to move, simply select it, and if you look at the top menu, you will see a ‘move’ icon.
  • When you tap on the ‘move’ icon, then you will see a list of albums or folders, where you can move your picture. It is as simple as that.

File Manager

  • File manager is a place in your Android phone, where you can see six folders,; images, audio, videos, documents, downloads, and installation files.
  • When you select a file, which is in any of these folders, you will get the same option of moving the file to another folder, as you got in the Gallery of the phone.

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Problems with Transferring of Files

The first problem that people face when they are transferring files from one folder to another, is that they are unable to see certain folders. However, this could be because these folders are set to Private, and the user can’t access them.

To move a picture to a private folder, you first have to make the picture private, and then move it to the folder. If you want to transfer a private picture to a public folder, then you have to remove that particular file from the private folder. This way, you will be able to transfer files successfully.

  • There is no doubt that making folders organize pictures and videos successfully, and a person is able to find what they are looking for, easily.
  • ith Android, people have the option to make their folders private, so that they don’t have to worry about their files being public.
  • If you want to hide content from those who see your phone, or go through your stuff, then the private option is the best.
  • When you are organizing your pictures and videos, then you delete a lot of stuff that isn’t needed anymore.
  • This is one of the reasons why people make folders, and that is because they want to clear out things that are old, or they have copy of them on Google Photos or Dropbox.

It is very easy to move pictures from one folder to another in Android; simply select the file, and you will see the move option. Read more: Download Google Meet for PC and Mac?


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